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Ongoing prodrome symptoms

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Hi Folks, 

I just wanted to ask if there are others like me out there (male or female) experiencing prodrome symptoms without an OB.

I've been diagnosed and swabbed with HSV1 genitally. The first time I noticed it was a week after sex with a woman 8 years ago when I was in uni. 

For the last 2 months I've been experiencing itching and nerve tingling in my groin and thigh area. My partner knows everything but her and I haven't been intimate since and I'm starting to worry it will affect our relationship. I've been occasionally doing things solo for the last few months... wondering if you all think that might be further aggravating things or keeping it going. 

Anyways - open to all input!


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Hey! Just wanted to let you know, I had genital prodrome symptoms daily for the first 7-8 months after having my initial outbreak (with no second outbreak yet). 
it’s seem to gone away genitally for the most part now but traveled up to my lower abdomen and hip.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yes!! I have been experiencing the same. It’s affecting my sleep. It’s so horribly annoying. THC edibles help dull the itching/ tingling and pain also helped me sleep a little more in the last couple of days. 

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Genitally, my daily prodrome symptoms calmed down A LOT by month 9-10 (haven’t had a second outbreak yet). 

I still have weird tingles randomly and vagina irritation randomly but nothing like in the beginning months....I literally felt like I had tears and burning daily for 6 months (hurt to walk) and then slowly started to calm down...not completely gone by month 10 but a lot better than before. I didn’t see an end in sight. 

Now I have weird nerve pain in my lower abdomen and hip but it might be from tensing up my pelvis from being in so much pain for months 

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3 weeks after being diagnosed. I had my many many sores heal in my Vaginal/ anal area about a week after they popped up. Now it’s the horrible burning, tingling and shoots of pain. No sore are visible. I’ve had these symptoms for 2 weeks. My doctor prescribed me Gabapentin today. I’ll see if this helps. 

My doctor said that I am experiencing very rare effects from HSV 2. 

On a side note, I have experienced an ease of these symptoms (for a few hours) using THC edibles but, that is costly and my pathetic income can’t afford to buy them everyday. 

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On 10/11/2020 at 6:35 AM, JackDaniels said:

Are you taking Aciclovir? 

Im not but I was taking Valtrex right when I felt these symptoms coming on initially back in June. 1gram valtrex a day for 5 days. Thought nothing of it but now its October and I still get itchy... a lot less than before but still definitely something going on.

It's upsetting because I told my GF I don't want to do anything til it stops and it's taking a toll on the relationship in little ways. I hopped back on Valtrex 1g for 5 days again in July but I gave up on it doing anything after that. Feels like my nerves are permanently affected. That's what I'm worrying about.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everyone, 

Thank you for all reaching out!! Seeing your messages really helps put things into perspective for me. 

I dont want to jynx it but today is the first day in 5 months that I've woken up without that tingling and itching!! I had a call with my family doctor, and went on the 3rd regiment (have tried this 2 times already over the 5 months) of 5x 1gram valtrex 1 a day for 5 days. After the 5th day I woke up today and feel no itchiness. 

This came after my doctor recommended I go see an infectious disease doctor to see what they say. I have an apt to go see them Thursday still but I'll keep you all posted. If this keeps up, then it can happen to you all too!

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My doctor has me on the nerve medication Lyrica and it has helped me immensely! My prodrome symptoms are all gone and the medication does not make me sleepy. I’m going on 2 months since initial outbreak. Lyrica is a God Send! 

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Hi All, 

I have posted on a different thread about what I have been trying for a week or two now that is working! I have been reading about the mind body connection in chronic pain and have been able to get this pain under control. It is gone most of the time and when it does start coming on I can stop it pretty quickly. Accumulated stress and trauma seems to be the case, for me anyways, and I highly recommend looking into it. John Sarno is a doctor that did a lot of research on it and I am following his advice with very good results. 

Good luck and peace! 

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I need to try something else to get rid of this chronic pain. I've had this for 10 years and went years where I was not achy anymore. Now I've been having this annoying pain for 3  months. I switched to valacyclovir and was fine for 5 days and now the pain is back again. No outbreak. My husband passed away, I am taking care of my kids all alone and when I have this pain I just want to crawl up in bed which I can't do with young kids. 

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