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scared of rejection because of herpes

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I've had herpes for almost 8 months n was recently diagnosed... Well atleast I think it's been that long.. Finding it hard to even want to look in a guys direction... Scared that a guy who would be interested won't be once I disclose... Very scared, although I am ok with having the herpes just in my head no one will ever see the light in me again.. Is it wrong to feel like I'm cArrying so much baggage now... I'm trying to look at this situation as a gift, to have a strong meaningful relationship before disclosing and being intimate. Still not sure, n scared of rejection...

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Hey lamme!


It's not wrong to feel like you're carrying so much baggage now. It's that you're looking at it as baggage that is having it feel so heavy and burdensome. Did you learn something about yourself in the process? Then it wasn't a waste. Baggage only continues to weigh us down if we don't learn something from what happened.


And rejection is an interesting topic. What is it really? It's not what you think it is ... Rejection doesn't hurt nearly as bad if you don't reject yourself first.



Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Thank you so much adrial for that phone call... N I will say yes I did learn a lot in this process so far.. That I am letting people reject me because I am rejecting myself first... Letting h become me... I understand one thing about myself.. In my past relationship I was needing something n not finding it.. So as I said before as looking at herpes as a gift to have better communication n better fulfillment of life in general... Taking more in, in a relationship... Rejection is still scary, but i realize that as soon as I except myself first n my skin condition, people will see me in a different light... I'm gonna need a lot of work:0)

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