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Any home remedies for herpes outbreaks?


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Hi there, I just joined and I'm going to post my question to everyone but I wanted to answer you first and maybe this can help others. I don't know if I have herpes yet, see my post just now at:


However, I wanted to give you some info I just found in some quick research, and some other perspective. For the record, I know about being sick. I had hep C for 35 years and only got cured 7 years ago. So I know about people throwing supposed remedies at you.  Reading everyone's descriptions and pleas for ways of relief, I immediately thought of cider vinegar. I went looking and found these two:

- baths, tonics

- this site has some info about cider vinegar and other substances, but the video (in spite of her droning delivery) has what sounds like some very good info on using Lysine (amino acid, vitamin) during time of outbreak:

But I wanted to add some things I know about successes with cider vinegar (I'm not a c.v. salesman or anything, I just like to pass on knowledge).

1- I know it is also a recommended remedy for hemorrhoids, topically like they recommend for herpes sores in the above site, and I know this works because I handled them recently that way myself

2- the commanders in George Washington's army at Valley Forge asked for cider vinegar for everyone to drink every day to prevent "camp fever", and you can imagine the sort of sickness they were trying to keep at bay.

3- my ex-girlfriend (the one in my post who's accusing me of having given her herpes) suffered a bad neck injury in her early teens, fell of a swing onto her head. By the time she was 40, her neck was completely locked up with, essentially, arthritis, her doctor telling her she had the neck of an 80-year-old. She started drinking a shot of cider vinegar every day and within six months or so, her neck was "unlocked" and completely clear of arthritis and back to what a "normal" would be for her age.

4- knowing the above in #3, I recommended this shot-a-day (or even just a half a shot) to my own 85 year old mother who had developed essentially the same thing in her back, massive constant pain, arthritis in her back so that she could barely walk across the room, taking her a good hour and long hot shower every morning just to be able to move around the apartment. She started drinking c.v. on a semi-regular basis back in January or so of this year, and between that and an infrared heat belt which she sat in a chair with every day, by August she was pretty much pain free and out walking on the paths with her walker. Basically backed the whole pain+arthritis thing off to the point of non-issue.

I'm just relating all this stuff to show how powerful it is. I myself try to drink a half shot of it every day, in water, just as a basic preventative for everything, not to mention the possibility of arthritis.

On the pharma side, the below site sort of sneers at stuff like vinegar remedies, and is pushing the Valacyclovir drug, which has many side effects. Who knows. But If I knew I had herpes and was actively having outbreaks, I would first try the c.v. approach per the above two sites, and lots of Lysine. As the woman in the video says, you can't really OD on the stuff.  I knew a girl who had herpes and she would have practically incapacitating outbreaks, lots of pain, and the only thing that would soothe her was hot baths. To which she should have added cider vinegar, maybe. Good luck and if you can give me any feedback on my own post, please do! Thanks.


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