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Does this look like it could be herpes

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So on friday I visited a sexual health clinic to get examined for a small lesion on the underside of my lower penile shaft. Basically she said that it probably isn't herpes but couldn't be 100% sure. No swab or blood test done. I'll go through a bit of timeline of events leading to the examination. 

So 2 weeks ago on the 6th I had unprotected vaginal sex with a girl, no oral or anything else. The next days I had small red painless bumps over my head and under foreskin which the doctor said was probably a fungal infection. They disappeared within a week, so no concern there really. But on Tuesday night I noticed a small red rash which looked like psoriasis (see pic 1), I do have psoriasis on other areas of my body but never genitals.  Now I'll mention that on Tuesday night I was in a hot tub at friends house. I'm thinking that it could possibly be dermatitis or something in relation to a fungal infection.

So anyway I proceeded, stupidly, to pick the rash as I thought it was an ingrown hair which lead to it look like the image in pic 2. As you can see there is a black line going though the lesion and I'm unsure whether it is a vain or a hair. So after that it scabbed over which I do not have a pic of but basically looked like your text book scab you'd have on your arm from a cut raised and brown crust type. This is the stage the doctor got to examine it at but I did show her the other pictures so she could have a full run down. 

So that evening I got a shower and the scab fell away leaving it looking like pic 3, again you can see the black line through it.
It healed a bit over night but I showered again yesterday morning and it looked like pic 4. Currently it looks like it has almost healed I do not have pic of it but it's just slightly itchy sometimes.

I've also added a picture of a psoriasis patch I have on my leg for comparison.

There was never any pain or discomfort until I picked at it using my fingers and tweezers! Dumb I know..... I'm probably over thinking this way too hard but I would appreciate some advice because you know yourself a doctor can miss some things out. Cheers guys. 










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just my opinion but it doesn't look like Herpes but I'm not a doctor. I thought I had Herpes too from a towel. I went a year thinking I had herpes and I was crazy. so I will tell you like my sister told me. you need to get tested. it will give you piece of mind. I took my blood test but I had to wait nine days. I was going crazy. but when I found out I was Negative I felt better. so maybe you should be tested for piece of mind. let me know what you think Sarah.

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Hey I had something similar happen to me in the summer. Unprotected sex, a sore appear a week and a half later. It looked similar to your pictures. I had it swabbed. The swab came back negative but I worried and still continue to worry because I used some zovirax on it thinking it was herpes for a day prior to the test (I had the zovirax for cold sores). Basically what it came down to was A. Was there a blister? From what I could tell, no, a sore just "appeared"  B. After talking to a few different doctors and literally having a mental breakdown (another story) the best they could tell me is I would just need to see if it comes back. 

So in your case, having no swab done on the sore, you really wont know for sure. Do you get cold sores? Because to my understanding,  if you dont, and had a positive (or negative) blood test in the near future for herpes, that could kind of give you an answer. 


I hope for the best for you. 

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hello, I really do think you should take the IGg herpes test. I was in Hell for nine days not knowing .but in the end. I am glad I got tested and now I know my herpes status my hsv1 was 35 positive. (I get cold sores) and my hsv2 is <90 Negative. I think everybody should know there std  Status. you will feel better once you know instead of sitting around being worried about it. please get tested for peace of mind. Sarah

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