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HSV-1 Genital Questions

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Hi all, I was recently diagnosed with HSV-1 genital. I've read some articles within this website, however, I still have many questions that I feel you all could help me understand.

1. What does it mean to have HSV-1 genital?

2. Will another outbreak appear down there or around my mouth?

3. How many outbreaks are common with this strand?

4. Can I still receive oral and be fingered?

5. Is this considered more a skin condition rather than an STD?

If you don't have the answer to all questions above that's fine, I'd appreciate any guidance.

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Hi Kyla! Sorry for your recent diagnosis. I was diagnosed  6 years ago and it was not a fun time. I have genital HSV1 as well and here are some generic answers for you. 

1. Not exactly sure what you're asking here- there are two strains of HSV (2 is typically genital and 1 is typically oral) but they can move around. 

2. Do you have a history of oral cold sores? I never had oral sores which is why I'm sure I ended up with it genitally instead. I've never had cold sores, but from my understanding from excessive research- HSV1 somewhere else typically protects you from an outbreak elsewhere as you build up antibodies. But it's different for everyone. I personally have had 2 outbreaks following my initial one over the past 6 years. Both were super mild compared to my initial outbreak. 

3. Outbreak frequency varies per person. Ive read HSV1 tends to happen less. That matches my experience, but I'm sure someone on here will say otherwise. Valtrex helps to reduce outbreak frequency. 

4. You can, I havent had to disclose yet but I'm planning on disclosing before anything besides kissing happens. Herpetic whitlow can happen (infection on fingers) but I don't think its very common. Theres shedding info on fact sheets on this site you can look at. 

5. It's a skin condition. It's an STD. I guess it depends how you get it. Skin condition makes it easier to digest but it's still an STD. 


Hope that helps. This site is great for resources- you'll start to get a better understanding once you read everything out there. 

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