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Am I safe

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Hello I was recently put on daily antivirals which I’m super excited about but my partner doesn’t take anything, he has never had an outbreak. Because he has never had a outbreak there’s nothing to swab. Because there’s nothing to swab, he hasn’t been diagnosed with HSV 2. My doctor disclosed to me that a blood test would revel if he has the virus but it won’t detect whether it’s type 1 or 2. My boyfriend told me he gets cold sores, which in theory, is supposedly type 1 but unfortunately I have type 2. My question is, is it even necessary for him to take the blood test, because I already know he carries the HSV virus. Also should I still be worried about transmitting HSV 2 even though I’m on daily antivirals and he (knowingly) has type 1. Should I be worried about contracting type 1 from him?... I’m new to this H life, I only had it for 4 months so sorry for all of the questions 


Also I’m a “self pleasure” type of girl (if you catch my drift) and I have been worried about touching myself since I have been diagnosed. Now that I’m on daily meds, am I good to go? Is it safe for others to touch me as well (of course when there is no outbreak)?

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Your doctor lied.
YES! You can know which type of herpes you and yourboyfriend have.
Doctors don't want you to know if you have it if you are assymptomatic.

Get tested. It's your right. If the doctor doesn't agree, you can pay by yourself in any lab and do it without the need of a doctor.

Genital HSV-1 is different than HSV-2 in the recurrence of outbreaks and viral shedding. 

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No problem. I recommend you to watch a podcast in youtube or in this website about Terry Warren, a well know researcher about herpes. There you will understand the differences. When you get knowledge, you stop being afraid of the virus. 

Yes, it is important to know your status and his status.

If both have hsv1 and hsv2, fuck it. There is no ping-pong.
If you don't have hsv-1, what's the problem? 80 % of the population has hsv-1.
If he doesn't have hsv-2, you can talk about how to take care about transmission.
If he doesn't have hsv-2, but he has hsv-1, he is most likely to be assymptomatic hsv-2 if he catches it since there is cross protection when you already have one type. 

etc., etc.

Educate your self as much as possible about the virus. Watch podcast an read articles written by Terry Warren or Peter Leone. They are the best researches in this topic. Other sites, videos, I don't recommend it. It's al confusing and even doctors don't know the differences. 

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