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I think I just lost a friend.

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I'm not really here for pity, it just really sucks. It was an accident, I left my water bottle opened and her son drank after me. After that I didn't really know what to do and kinda talked about a situation I had and how I don't feel normal anymore and I gave her some space because I know it's not something to brush off. I didn't mean to make it about me, I really didn't. There was nothing to say really. I didn't want sympathy, I just wanted understanding... but that wasn't the time. She texted me how she felt and pointed out how I made it about me and I apologized to which I noticed even before all of that she removed me from her finsta and I just know that was it. That was the last we talked and I even finally just took off all social media from my phone since that's what I've been wanting to do for a while. It's the fact that I haven't been taking care of myself, isolating myself, and becoming codependent that things came to what it is. If I can ask for any type of advice, it would be how can I overcome this cycle of shame and isolation? I know that covid also plays a factor, but I've really become closed off to so many people that I'm losing them. I understand that I'm making it 10x bigger in my head, but between this and finding out who I am as a person, it is a lot.

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Hi, I'm sorry you're feeling so alone and sad. I have those days too where I just feel like I can't face myself, let alone the world. I've recently found this forum and I'm hanging onto it for dear life because I'm so ashamed to talk to anyone else about my status. Please take things one day at a time. You are worthy. You deserve compassion. You deserve happiness.

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Sorry to say, but your friends needs to get a grip. She kisses her baby right? Shares food with her baby right? Other ppl kiss her child right? Most adolescents come into contact with HSV1 as child’s. It’s kinda unavoidable. Secondly, just because the child drunk after you doesn’t mean he’s gonna automatically be exposed to it. Lastly, it gets easier. Well for me. I advised you to research. 90% of the global population carries a strain. You’re not alone. The stigma really comes from the pharmaceutical companies. And society made it worse. Please take care of yourself, and if I can make you feel better by sending educational links, I’d be happy to do so. I assure you, if you don’t have constant symptoms, you kinda forget it there. 

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