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Feeling alone

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I’m 23 from London and I caught herpes a year ago with my ex girlfriend it wasn’t easy accepting it but we had each other so it wasn’t so bad she broke up with me at the start of this year New Year’s Day actually and since she’s gone I’ve been finding it really hard I feel alone and as if I’m never going to find love again I can’t stop thinking about the Conversation with the girl I meet how can I tell someone I have a life long infection without them thinking I’m dirty or ruining how they perceive me I’m struggle a lot with this and really don’t know what to do or how to deal with it I feel so alone and cut off from everybody I haven’t had the courage to tell anyone my ex was the only person that knew and now she’s gone it’s all just overwhelmed me and Im unsure of how to carry on

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Man, I'm sorry you are hurting and discouraged.  I am in a similar boat.  I was certain I didn't have it before I married my current wife but I was wrong.  My previous wife had it and I tested 2 times after that marriage ended to make sure I didn't have it.  Both showed negative but they were false  negatives or that is what my dr says.  I'm still confused about testing.  Anyway, I know others have gotten through this so we will also.  I think perhaps many of us find ourselves using this forum for a while during the bad times but maybe (hopefully) this thing will eventually just be a minor inconvenience of life.  I know there are people that will still love you and look past the condition.   I did that with my ex wife.  It didn't work out but I chose her over the condition.  I don't regret the decision but sure wish we had lasted.  Well, back up... I love my current wife and we are strong but when I went into that marriage I assumed it was for ever.  Anyway, hang in there!  Don't let this define you.   It is just a non life threatening condition. Know that others support you and find them both on this board and locally.  Good luck to you my friend. 

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