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Tested positive for swab and negative IgG

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Hi there I am new here. I am posting to see if anyone has been in this situation/knows anything about it. I "contracted herpes2" in October of 2019. Long story short slept with someone had a breakout a few days later. I did a swab test at a urgent care and it came back positive for HSV2. I have been on Valacyclovir since and I have never had another breakout after the initial. I was curious.... so last week I did a full panel STD test... my IgG test came back negative for HSV1 and 2... completely negative <.091

My doctor was not nearly as shocked as I was to find out I actually don't have herpes. I was asking questions about what my breakout could have been and why my swab test was positive during my outbreak and she just said "I'm not sure what it could have been but you don't have it so you can stop taking the medication." I don't want to stop taking it because 1. Im scared I have it and I don't want to end up breaking out and 2. I don't want it to no longer be dormant....

I can't find anywhere near me that I can get an STD test anytime soon so I guess my plan is to go back and take another test there and maybe ask if they can send it out to a different lab?? (this one is from LabCorp was going to see if they can send to Quest). It's just going to be awhile til I can get back in/ get new results and my mind is going crazy right now.

I've read posts on here about similar situations but the only difference is that I am not newly infected I would have had it for about a year and a half now so it's not as if it just isn't showing up on the antibody test. 

***Also I know about the test that more accurate than the IgG but I am not doing that because I can't afford it.***

 What are the odds the swab was wrong and what are the odds that the blood is?????

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I am very sorry but your doctor is wrong... if you take Valtrex from the beginning it happens that you don’t seroconvert but you still have virus. To be sure stop taking Valtrex for 3 months and test again. Another option is that hsv2 IGG is 92% sensitive compare to WB which means that it could be false negative. Swab test PCR is most accurate. 

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