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Help! Hsv2 oral and genital diagnosis

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So, it was just confirmed that I have both hsv2 oral and genital herpes! Based on what I have read oral transmission of hsv2 is pretty rare...and it just so happens that was my luck if the draw! I was hoping for a type 1 diagnosis and was thinking that is what it was based on the oral infection. So, here I am...42 years old with hsv2 oral and genital!! I am in shock and trying to figure out what to expect. I am scared. I read that sometimes the type 2 oral infection only happens one time with the primary infection. Other information suggests that I could have a reoccurrence of oral every time I have a genital reoccurrence. The idea of dual reoccurances scares the living daylights out of me!!! As I’ve shared in a previous post...the person I’m dating is supportive. Had anyone experienced simultaneous type 2 oral and genital herpes infections??? What can I expect - a life of hell???? I appreciate any information, experiences, etc. Thank you so much!! 

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Hey @Ellemina I think that I'm inthe same boat as you. I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I'm pretty sure that I've caught HSV2 both orally and genitally. 😞 I feel like it is the worst possible combination to have... I've been having continuous outbreaks since late August when I was infected. If you want a friend to chat with please let me know. 

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From what I understand, the primary oral hvs2 outbreak is usually the only outbreak you'll have orally. Have you both thought of going to the Westover heights website run by Terri Warren? You can read the 1000's of questions that have been asked and answered by her for free. You can also pay to have your questions answered. She is an expert on herpes. Your question may have already been asked and answered on her site

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