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Actually relieved

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Hello All!

Just heard back from the doc. HSV-2 positive but negative on the bloodwork. He said this lab data combined with how horrible this outbreak has been indicates I did get it very recently from my bf. Bf got tested today, blood only of course because he’s showing no current symptoms. He’s very proud and I hope that he and I can deal with this together. He will have his result next week. 

I’m actually relieved to know for sure so I can get to taking better care of me. If bf is along for the ride, great! If not, it will hurt but I will be okay that way too. 

Everybody hang in there!

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Mine was the same - HSV2 positive on the PCR swabs but negative on the blood. That is how I am 100% certain when it happened and who infected me. It was hard to tell him (we were FWB and have been friends since like 1st grade). At first he was like it can't be me. I don't have any symptoms. I'm like well you are the only person I have been with for awhile and since I have no antibodies it is recent. He tested and has the antibodies. We believe he contracted it from his spiteful ex. She had numerous affairs during their marriage. Unfortunately he and are are still friends but not FWB as he decided to have a more serious relationship with someone else who I guess does not mind his HSV status. Are you going to take anti-viral meds? My doctor wants me to stay on them at least a year to minimize break-outs and so my body has time to build up anti-bodies. She said normally she would re-test blood in 6 months but since PCR swabs are way more accurate it isn't necessary.

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I started today with the drugs. He is “digesting” the whole idea. My doc said take them for 10 days to get the misery under control. Then we can go from there. 

I am so lucky to have the support with my doc. He’s been my OB/GYN for almost 30 years. He’s my daughter’s GYN now. 

I am going to be ok. I feel that now. Does it suck? Hell yes! But I have the information now to make my life awesome! I have a new appreciation for it now.

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Thanks ladies!  Knowing the type of person that he is I know that he will deny it and claim that he's clean and blah blah blah.   I was only with him and we had sex on a Thursday and by Monday the first bump appeared,  Wednesday bump number 2, Friday morning I was being swabbed at my obgyn so I know it was him but I can't imagine the thought of saying something and having him flip this on me.   It's just not worth it.   What's done is done and there's no fixing this so what's the point, that's kind of where my head is.   

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