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Constant outbreaks for 4 months?

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Hi everyone. I got diagnosed with HSV2 in December and ever since there has not been a day that has gone by without me having at least one sore down there. Every single day for 4 months I have had a sore present. I’m unsure what to do - I’ve taken acyclovir x3, I’m on 1,500mg lysine a day, I haven’t worn underwear since, I avoid high arginine and trigger foods and I haven’t had any form of intercourse or even masturbation out of fear of making everything worse. I don’t know what else I can do - I’m young and otherwise healthy but this feels like it’ll never fade. Can anybody help me? I am struggling to find anybody who has suffered with a sore every single day. 

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23 minutes ago, NJRunnerMom said:

Have you gone back to your OBGYN to make sure these are in fact herpes sores?

Hi, I have been to two! Theyve both confirmed it’s hsv2 and I’ve had tests for all other STIs and bv/thrush that have come back negative. A part of me was *hoping* something else was wrong to show me a solution but from what I am aware it’s just herpes. 

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  • 2 months later...

Hi littleblackcat: Just a friendly suggestion....consider reaching out to a natural doctor who treats HSV.  I found one in my area Sept 2020 as I began having outbreaks every 2-4 weeks rather than the normal "every 3 months".  He put me on a 6-month program. 

As of today, I haven't had an episode for 4.5 months.  My immune system was not up to par.  I had to swallow a lot of capsules every day, but to me, it was worth it.  I was told I shouldn't have any further outbreaks, but if so, he'll put me on another program.  I also continue to be mindful of what foods to avoid or eat in moderation.

You shouldn't have to suffer everyday.  We all deserve a peaceful life...as peaceful as we can achieve. ✌️

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  • 3 weeks later...

@SouthpawDid you find your natural doctor specifically for this reason? Or was it someone that you were already seeing? I’ve researched this, as I try to live a very holistic lifestyle, and I’ve scared myself by thinking of how I will bring up the topic of if they can help me with herpes. Like do I ask when I’m making the appointment? Lol

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi Anon:  Sorry for the delay.  I haven't been on the site.  Yes, I sought him out because last summer I started having outbreaks every 2-3 weeks instead of every 3 months.  The person I saw had a list of conditions he treated, and HSV was one of them, so I wasn't uncomfortable inquiring about it.

You should not feel uncomfortable either.  If you are able to send an email, like I was, simply explain you carry HSV and you are looking for a natural treatment for outbreaks.  I found another person in my area and reached out to her, as well (as backup, although it turns out I didn't need it).  I asked her, and she said she treated HSV. 

Just know that these professionals have already treated others, so you are not being judged or otherwise.  If you have to call someone, just ask if they treat HSV, although, a natural dr.'s website will typically state what they treat, so if/when you find a local naturalist, check their website.

So far, I haven't had any breakouts for 4 months, so I'm glad I reached out.  Be aware that it probably won't be cheap, but for me, it was worth it.  I was on a program for 6 months.  I swallowed a lot of capsules!, but again, I'm glad I sought him out.

Please feel free to keep in touch about it! 🤞  I wish the best for you! ☀️🌷

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