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Initial Outbreak and Fatigue

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Hello Everyone!

I am in week 3 of the initial outbreak. I’m healed up, just a little stinging, but I have bouts of fatigue still. This sounds weird but I feel it across my shoulders and down my arms. Hard to get out of the brain fog when it hits. Anyone else experience this?



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Hi Sarah,

Hm, that does sound odd. If you're having genital outbreaks, that wouldn't *seem* to be related at face value; the nerve pathways HSV takes for genital outbreaks is from the base of the spine to the outbreak spot (so generally nerve sensations happen in the below-the-belt area in the thighs and butt). Even if it were an oral outbreak we're talking about, the pathway would be from the top of the spine to the oral outbreak spot, which wouldn't pass through the shoulder/arms area. I wonder ... 

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Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I definitely feel scatterbrained and have odd sensations that I wonder if they are just in my head. I know I have not been eating well and have been dealing with depression and anxiety over this hard. I feel like that’s natural. So just trying to cope. 

for example I have this odd sensation in my belly button. It’s almost like if you were to imagine someone just holding a pin or pencil tip to it, but it’s not an actual feeling physically. It’s like it’s just in my head. Odd.

also on top of my right thigh it feels like a very light sunburn but there is absolutely no rash or anything visible. 

I think this thing plays with your head a bit. Must have something to do with the nervous system and the brain telling you things that aren’t really happening. Like a malfunction of neurons or something.

I’m just so glad that everybody says it gets better with time in the first bout is typically the most difficult. Hoping for very few reoccurrences. 

good luck to you! 

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Oh, there is nerve issues with this. I woke up in the middle of the night after dreaming my right leg was being put in a splint. When I woke up my whole leg was throbbing, especially the top of my thigh. It’s not in your head. Hang in there! ♥️

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