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I am just trying to gauge the typical reaction.

I have been in an online relationship for a year and we haven't met yet due to covid but we were about to meet this week until I got my HSV2 positive result on Thursday. I told my SO on thursday and it's been a very stressful few days for us both.
She got a test also and will get the result on Tuesday but has said today that if she gets a negative result, it is bad news for us, that she wants me to cancel my flights and wants us to split. She loves me but she has to take care of her health.

So I am wondering has anyone had an experience with this kind of response, only for their SO to change their mind after a few days when the spin out settles?
I am devastated right now as I have never loved anyone like my SO and now it looks like it's over. (I expect her to get a negative result)

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Hey there,  I'm not in your position regarding a relationship however if after talking with someone over a year and they are that quick to throw it all away then maybe they aren't the one for you in the long run.   Just trying to put things in perspective.   I know it's all new,  as it is for me too, but if they're that quick to judge you then maybe you need to take a step back for a moment.

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Thanks for the reply.

I know what you mean and maybe you are right.

But, it isn't that she is judging me. It is that she can't cope with the thought of catching it from me, because she has a weakened immune system. I think she also feels the stigma of it more than most.
What bothers me is that she did seem to give up quickly. For me, I wanted to talk to experts in STIs and the Endochrine system and get some accurate information.  But her doctor told her that because of her weakend immune system, she would probable get it from me and probably get outbreaks. (I haven't had any ever - which is why I'm so baffled).

Anyway, I guess I was hoping this was a kneejerk reaction and that after a few days she'd think, hey maybe it won't be so bad for the love of my life. If the situation was reversed I would jump in a bath of herpes soup to keep her.

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