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My unfortunate story

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Well here goes my experience. I'm a herpes vet as I've had the virus for 20 + yrs now. I wish i had a more positive story but I allowed this virus to ruin my life. I have been extremely embarrassed and humiliated in having the virus which kept me from disclosing to friends or family. I experienced a violation of my Hippa privacy rights by a pharmacy tech ( that I did not know) that decided to come to my church one day and tell multiple people of my status. I was too young, naive, and humilated to sue as I should have. I live in a small rurual area where everyone is connected as such this info spread to everyone and still follows me to this day 14 years later. This has caused me intense fear/anxiety in obtaining medical care because I literally know many of the providers or employees of the clinics through professional or personal relationships. I desperately want to move but my husband is against this. I can say that I was able to find love and have a child despite the virus. I however found the intense fear and embarrassment to be too much to have another child as I wanted.  I will say that the emotional symptoms have far outweighed the physical ones.  I just knew there would be a cure by now however I've become resigned to the fact this will truly be lifelong for me. 

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We all say ignorant things. We don’t think about who it might hurt. Try not to judge their character too much and focus on the people that are truly there for you. Screw the trash talkers. I’m sure they have their flaws and secrets too. It’s insecurity that drives ignorant comments and actions. You should accept that and try not to take others lose lipped comments to heart so much. Good luck and keep your chin up. 

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Hi @Mercyme!

I first want to say that you are very brave and strong for making it so far and having a child and a husband despite adversity. I wanted to say that every day is a new beginning, and with each new day you are set free. Free yourself from the societal chains that bind you and prevent you from achieving your life the way the world intended it to be. You have no reason to be ashamed. People fear and judge what they do not know, and this is sad for them. However, history has taught us that those who persevere are granted success and happiness, and they are seen for their accomplishments and WHO THEY choose to be. Don't let the haters get you down! Be kind to yourself as if you were your child. Be the person for yourself that you wish you had supporting you all these years. 

Sending Wellness and Happiness your Way! ❤️ 😇

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