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Frustration with doctors

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Do not invest too much stock in the “expertise” of an average doctor. They are not gods and they are no different than you or I. They do a job day in and day out and most of them are not really concerned about you.  It’s just another day in the office.

I had a swab and blood test done one week ago. I could not wait for the results so I was able to login online in and view my own chart. 

blood test - no aids, no gonorrhea, no hepatitis... but where’s the HSV results? 

Swab was positive for HSV but did not specify if it was one or two.

I had to call my doctor and instruct him to resubmit the blood because HSV was not tested. 

next day, received negative blood for hsv 1 and 2. <0.09 both

this is important because although I did test positive on the swab the fact that my blood came back negative for HSV means that I most likely just contracted this. No antibodies detected in my blood. 

I called again today to ask to have the swab retested to determine whether it is one or two because it didn’t specify. Just said “HSV isolated”. I was told that the swabs are discarded 48 hours after testing. Now I have to wait 3 to 6 months at least for a blood test to determine if it’s 1 or 2. (I assume HSV2 but I NEED to know this stuff!!!)

my doctor is standard at best. Probably not the worst but I had to tell this guy what’s up during our conversation today. He basically said I could come back in a few weeks for another blood test and I had to educate him to let him know it would take 3 to 6 months before it was even worth testing. 

It’s our hard earned money that pays for their nice cars and luxury vacation homes. They work for us.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are some great caring talented doctors out there but they are probably few and far between and not one of them is perfect. Most are just going through the motions.

Just make sure unless you really know and trust your doctor that you do not take their word as gospel. This is not a time for mistakes and they made two already. Do your own due diligence and do not rely on them solely. 

at least I was smart enough to call them and instruct them last week to test the blood for HSV. Now I know that at least there’s extremely strong chance that I had just recently contracted this. No antibodies in the blood.

Rant over. I hope this helps someone.

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