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Sudden ongoing outbreaks on suppression

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6 years diagnosed HSV2. I’m convinced the antibiotic I’m now taking longterm is what’s causing this 5 month long outbreak streak. I have been upped to Valacyclovir 1g a day and after 5 weeks of this working I have woken up with a new outbreak. Its less severe but its very much a thing. Has anyone else still had outbreaks on 1g Valacyclovir? Is anyone taking higher than that?
(Would not change my own dose without doctor supervision) 

My doctor was so sure this would suppress it. Also I can’t stop my antibiotic as I have to take it for a bacterial infection. 

Also, I have developed post viral/ chronic fatigue since this started and now I’m pretty sure it’s cyclical. Not looking for a magic answer but has anyone else experienced any of this? I feel.. whats the word.. unlucky. 


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I have also been diagnosed with HSV2 for 6 years. I had a baby 9 months ago and have had 9 painful and VERY long outbreaks since. It’s been horrendous. I have been on valtrex 1g for most of the years I’ve been diagnosed, and it seemed to have worked well before giving birth, but now it’s barely working for me. I had to increase it to 3g a day (morning, noon and night) for 5 days and it has helped a bit, but my outbreak is not yet fully gone yet and just lingering at this point. It’s like all of a sudden I’ve become resistant. So yes, I am experiencing the same problem. 

How long do your OB’s last? Do you have any time in between each one? 

My recommendations is talk to your doctor about taking 1g x 3 a day for 3-5 days. Also, I was told because I went from not getting barely any outbreaks before to getting so many back to back to get it swabbed to make sure nothing else is going on down there (like BV or staph or something like that). If it is confirmed HSV2, you can get a test to see if you have any resistance to acyclovir (main ingredient in valtrex). However, I would up your valtrex for sure (doctor approved), and see how it goes from there. 

Hope this helps a little. 


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This is so helpful thank you for this it really means a lot.

Sorry to hear you’re having such a similar issue, I really appreciate hearing from your experience. 
Nerve pain and fatigue have been the worst parts for me, which has meant it took a while for me to be given a higher dose in the first place ‘herpes doesn't act like that?!!’ Well it’s responded to higher dose antivirals - so yes it does. 

They were constant for 3 and a half months with no break but I’ve had a month off and now had a small one which I hope is now clearing. I’m definitely going to ask about this higher dose, thank you, from my understanding it takes a while to clear it completely even on the right dose but how long is another matter..

I’m looking into the Perrin Technique for the fatigue as it’s supposed to help the body clear infections and anything that might be causing toxicity, this is a chronic fatigue/ post viral treatment so not a solution to the herpes but hopefully something to help my system. 

I think it’s well worth looking into resistance, I think I will struggle as I’m not getting the ulcers at the moment, just bumps that don’t break the skin and the internal nerve symptoms (which I couldn’t believe could be so painful). But I’m going to push for swabs and more investigation.

I think I’m repeating myself from another thread, but I am also trying Llysine to see if it helps - incase that’s something you could also try. 

Wishing you well. I can’t imagine all of this with a new baby as well, you’re doing really well in the face of something awful and underestimated by the medical community. 

(** Posting about all of this not intending to scare any newly diagnosed people, these things often become a problem for a season, along with other physical strains on the body and it’s very individual to the person. I think it’s worth sharing low points on forums for those in need but if you’re reading this and are someone who worries a lot take the experience of others with a pinch of salt, as no two people have the exact same medical experience)




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Hey Team. This may be a bit of a stretch (def speculative) but I think the pandemic has amped up our anxiety and stress, which is the number one OB trigger. I was diagnosed in spring of 2002. And I'd see maybe one OB a year, some times none for years (to the point that I'd forget I had herpes). This year though, the year of Covid has impacted me deeply, in ways that I think I'll be unpacking for a while after the pandemic recedes. I've experienced several OBs below the waist (typical area for me is lower back and upper buttocks, once in a blue moon, mid-buttocks, never genital, go figure). Also never without flu-like or cold-like symptoms, but definitely herpetic skin lesions. It was so baffling! My last boyfriend also has HSV and we were intimate without condoms (we've broken up, a pandemic casualty). But I was convinced that exposure to him somehow triggered my condition. I have read that this is not likely. I also happen to have antibodies for both type 1 and 2 (it has appeared in my STI screenings). Yet never see facial or above the waist OBs. My investigative reading just led me to think that the stress I've been under this past year, and I mean STRESS (won't go into details) has exacerbated the OBs. From what I have read in this thread, it sounds like you are also going through some high-stakes situations (a bacterial infection, chronic fatigue which could be something neurological unrelated to HSV, and bringing a child into the world). Ladies, you are doing some warrior-style power lifting in your lives at the moment. As is most everyone due to this horrific Covid experience. I would bet MONEY that the OBs will subside when the stress recedes. And our bodies return to baseline. In the meantime, let's take care of ourselves as best we could.

A bit of context about me before I end this post - I live in NYC and have worked as a contact tracer/case investigator throughout the entire pandemic, currently working for NYC's department of education serving our schools. I never imagined I would have the honor to serve the city in this way, but somehow Life put me there in the midst of it all. It has been humbling to say the least. And a great source of pride (and yes, even joy). But I cannot remember the last time I had a GREAT night sleep.

Thanks for your entries, ladies. Many blessings. And stay powerful. You rock.


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@iamcarlosfive Hi!

I am so sorry that you have been experiencing stress. The pandemic has actually increased global stress, and my therapist (who I started going to about three weeks ago due to stress, lol) told me that this past year has resulted in the WORST stress and anxiety she has ever seen in decades of work. The stress exacerbates any issues you may already have. For me, and so many others with contamination OCD or OCD in general, the pandemic has really cranked up the volume of the OCD in my head. It's like, now I have a reason to worry, so my OCD latched onto it and I've been a mess! In addition, my OCD latches onto my HSV, and I am paranoid about giving people herpes just by high-fiving them or sharing a bathroom. It is something I am working on and I am getting better each day!

Stress can 110% impact outbreaks. When we are stressed, especially with chronic stress, our body is on over drive. Basically, our parasympathetic nervous system doesn't turn on, as it thinks their is constant threat and your body needs to be on high alert to avoid this threat (of the feeling of a threat, aka anxiety or fear). So, what's really cool is we have the ability to turn out parasympathetic nervous system back on, by practicing breathing, visualization, tapping, and exercise like yoga, or simply being in nature and walking on grass. I highly recommend tapping, which is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)-- it has changed my life and it ROCKS!  I do tapping with Brad Yates on Youtube, check it out!!! :classic_happy: 


As a future special education teacher, I wanted to say thank you for working for NYC school district. Sometimes being in such a demanding job can really increase fatigue and stress, but in an odd way... especially if the cases involve really emotional topics like child neglect or family and abuse situations. Remember to make time for you, as hard as that is, and make sure you don't absorb the emotions of the cases. I want to work with incarcerated youth, and some of the stories I have heard are really really painful. I used to bring those feelings home with me and just cry, but I have learned to be strong for my students and feel compassion and empathy, but not take on these emotions like a sponge. Congrats on the new job appointment! Your school district is lucky to have you!

We are all here for you! Sending blessings your way! 🌄🌻


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Lovely supportive comments thank you for sharing 🙂 I can relate to so much in your experiences. I have developed chronic fatigue syndrome as a result of the outbreaks and that is forcing me to put my health first above everything else. Stress is the enemy absolutely. I wish you all happy healthy healing vibes going forward xxxx

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Hi!! @HJewel2

Yay for putting your health first!! That is such a factor that so many humans forget about. It isn't selfish, it is t a waste of time, it is a matter of respect and kindness towards our bodies, minds, and entire self(and this extends to those around us whom we love and care about!).

I am sending you prayers and happiness. May your spirits be high and your stress be low! 🦋🌄

Blessings!! 🌄🦋☀️🌼🕊️❤️🌈🍀

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Have you tried switching to acyclovir?? I would definitely give it a try. I started on Valtrex about 10 years ago as my first experience with antiviral (I've had hvs2 for over 30 years) and I had constant prodrome symptoms on valtrex. I switched to acyclovir and never had another outbreak or any other issues 

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