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Outbreak with no sores or something else

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Hey everyone, so I’ve had herpes for about 6 years now and only experienced an initial outbreak to my knowledge. I was feeling fine until I had sex with my partner and it  dry causing a little friction. Since then ( I have been experiencing itching and burning with heavier white discharge than normal. Now I’ve investigated the area and saw no sores. So now I’m confused and don’t know whether this is an OB ( I’m asymptomatic) or potentially a yeast infection. The itching has decreased as I’ve taken oral probiotics for vaginal health. I take valacyclovir daily as well and have been doubling my dose. I guess my question is, is it possible to have an outbreak with no sores? 

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Hi ❤️!

I am sorry about the pain you're experiencing. 

Although I don't know the answer to that question (which is a great question by the way!) I can give some insight...

You can experience viral shedding, where the HSV virus reproduces, and sores do not need to be present. You can spread the virus during this stage. However, your antiviral should suppress that in general since you take it daily (but I'd talk to your doctor about that). The fact that you are doubling your medicine may not be good also, so ask your doctor about that too and if you should be doing that, especially if you are unsure it's an outbreak (Even with an outbreak I have never heard of doubling doses of antivirals, and your safety and health matters)! (Even calling a Planned Parenthood and speaking to a nurse is awesome, too!) 

Sometimes we get super scared during an outbreak, or are sensitive to any symptoms we experience that mimic herpes outbreak symptoms; if I see an ingrown hair on my labia I automatically get this "OMG HERPES IS BACK" mentality and have to calm myself down and see that it's just an ingrown hair. You may have a yeast infection based off your described symptoms, which is common after having sex. The intense friction and change in sexual activity also can trigger outbreaks. However, I'd talk to a healthcare worker to be sure. Yeast infections are bacterial, so the antivirals wouldn't help it, and since the symptoms are persisting despite the antivirals I would say it sounds bacterial and like an infection of sorts. 

I hope this helps!!! Get well soon! Be kind to yourself, you deserve to be happy and healthy always and forever. ❤️🌄🌈☀️🍀

Sending hugs and love! ❤️❤️

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