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Herpes spreading to different areas of my body?

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Hi all!

First I want to say I’m grateful for this community. Having this diagnosis makes a person feel really alone sometimes. 

so I was diagnosed 7 months ago and since then I’ve been paranoid about spreading the virus to other parts of my body during a breakout. I’ve even had dreams that it was on my face. Wondering what people’s experience has been who had had it longer than me? Is this really a concern? 

Any insight would be appreciated!

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Hi and welcome!

What you're referring to is auto-inoculation. In the first year or so of having herpes, your body is building up natural immunity (antibodies); so you could potentially pass herpes to other parts of your body if you touch an active sore and then touch another part of your body with mucous membrane or a cut in your skin that would more easily allow the virus to enter. But if you follow simple precautions like washing your hands after touching a herpes outbreak, you'll be fine. Herpes doesn't just spread to other parts of your body out of the blue without being transferred by touching an outbreak. Sometimes outbreaks can show up in other locations close to your initial site of infection because the virus might take an alternate branch in your nerves as it travels to the surface of your skin, but that's not considered auto-inoculation. 

Here's more to read up on: https://www.herpesopportunity.com/post/how-can-you-get-herpes

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Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Hello!! 🌼

I completely understand your question, and I have had the fear myself! However, rest assured. The information above is totally true. Sometimes our feelings and worries make us  doubt science, but the facts are FACTS! Just wash your hands if you have an outbreak, practice good hygiene overall, and trust in your body. Sometimes after we get herpes we don't trust our bodies anymore. In fact, sometimes we loose trust in a lot of areas, like love or hope. The truth is that we can have even stronger trust connections with our body, mind, and spirit with HSV than we did before! ☀️ 

If you ever need support or someone to talk to, we are all here for you!! 

Sending love and light your way! ☀️🌼❤️🍀🌈

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Thank you for your response @Flowerteacher55!! I needed that and it really touched on how I’ve been feeling. Before this I practiced a lot of self care and self love and I’ve felt pretty lost since my diagnosis. I thought I knew my body, and was actually the healthiest I’d ever been when I got it. I went vegan the year before, meditated daily and had a nice yoga practice. I was working on my kundalini and decided to get back out in the dating world. One bad decision later I’m dealing with a severely bad outbreak and my world gets flipped upside down. I really hope that what you say is true and that someday I can feel a strong connection to my body again. ❤️

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Hi!! ❤️

It is okay. Just be patient and kind and accepting with yourself. When we love ourselves at our lowest we can achieve so much more because we are letting go of any judgment that is holding us down. 

I honestly have been struggling, too! I just got into tapping, which is a type of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) that helps us address issues while helping is work towards our goals. I totally recommend it!! ❤️ Also, you mentioned veganism!! 🌼 I have been vegan for 11 years and I love it! 🐄❤️ However, we all have a different way of living that works for us. Release judgement and just listen to your body and soul. All the rest will fall into place!! 🌼☘️❤️😊!!!

Sending Love and Light!! ❤️☘️🌼🌈🍀☀️🌄!!!

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I’ll look into EFT! Thank you for the idea!

What has your journey with the virus been like? I’ve had pretty persistent outbreaks since I was diagnosed and I’ve tried everything from ozone treatments to a Panchakarma cleanse..  doing intermittent fasting the month to see if that stops the outbreaks.. my doctor said since I was so healthy I’d probably only have one outbreak but that has not been the case. Would love to hear about your journey..

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Hi! @Owningmystatus

My journey has been so odd, honestly looking back it makes me laugh!

So, I got herpes in 2019. I was 19 years old and a sophomore in college. I got it from a guy who was really mean. Very bad relationship... not a good egg! The day before I got it we were having intercourse. The next day I woke up with thirty huge angry looking red sores on my genitals. I was so freaked out!

So, I go to school and such and make an appointment with the school clinic. They couldn't see me for three days, so I waited it out. The burning was horrible! It hurt to walk, go potty, etc. I went into the exam room and the doctor told me I had sores even inside of my vaginal cavity, which was causing the excessive pain. Although I would need to wait for the actual results to come back, the doctor told me it was most likely herpes. I was, to say the least, embarrassed.

I left the exam room crying, and went into the office of my boss. Oh, I forgot to mention... I worked at the student clinic as a sexual education and wellness peer educator. So obviously, I was embarrassed that me, a sex educator got herpes! I remember I walked into my boss's office and she said, "What's wrong?" I said, "I think I have herpes." And she goes, "Well why would you think that?" and I said, "Because the doctor said I do." And she laughed and was like, "Well okay then, you have herpes indeed, sorry to hear that."  I was so embarrassed I was afraid to admit I had herpes I said "I think"! Looking back, I laugh haha. My boss talked to me about herpes, and I explained to her about my boyfriend and other things. She did give me this piece of advice: "you are more than just a bunch of holes for him to stick his 'thing' in!"  And this quote I have relayed to many friends of mine. 

Anyways, I get the call that verifies I have HSV-1. I meet up with my boyfriend and tell him that I have herpes. He told me I was dirty and got it from some filthy guy I had slept with (untrue, I got it from him). I calmly explained to him that I had gotten it from him, and he freaked out. He said, "No! I don't have anything. And you better not have given it to me! I came into this world clean and I am going out clean!" Like who the heck says that? A jerk, that's who!

So, for about ten days I waddled around campus like a duck and fidgeting in my chairs during class since sitting was uncomfortable. I went to a holistic store and bought some lysine cream which really helped the burning. Oh, even funnier. I got my period during the huge outbreak. And I had a sinus infection. My body was just really having a field day, lol.  

I have dated since that mean guy (whom I broke up with, of course!) and have told my herpes story to many of the people I have dated and to my friends. Yes, people have been cruel in response and judgment, but so many people are honestly just misinformed or confused. Can't blame someone for not knowing, you know what I mean? So, I do my best to educate others and fight the stigma, which is honestly the strongest in my own mind more than anything else. That is why I joined this forum! My OCD was so hyper-focused on the pandemic and my herpes and I just needed others who understand it. I have had a few outbreaks since, but nothing as severe. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my story!! Stay strong and be kind to yourself always.

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Wow! You have come so far so fast!! And you are so young yet must be an old soul by the way you communicate! ❤️

I don’t know how you went to class for 10 days!!! I couldn’t even leave my couch when I had my first outbreak! I lost 5 pounds and did nothing but cry and watch tv. I could barely walk. I decided to get full std testing and a pap smear when I got my first bump. I also had lesions inside and I almost cried from the pain of the pap. 🤯 Easily one of the worst weeks of my life. 

My guy is an arrogant jerk himself, but was very caring for the 3 months after I battled with my decision whether to stay with him. I’m pretty sure he knew he had it when he gave it to me so after a while I couldn’t be around him. Plus I was convinced I could cure myself so didn’t want the chance of him “reinfecting” me. I’ve gone through so many emotions since then, and almost steadily had an outbreak each month. Like I said I’ve tried everythIng I can think of to be further away from this, but I’m starting to feel like I have to just give it time... and of course the intermittent fasting I’m doing all month. 🤣 Thanks for reaching out, it’s comforting to feel like I’m not alone, and your encouraging words help a lot. 

Sounds like you’re handling your diagnosis like a rockstar! Keep it up new friend. ❤️

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Aw thank you that is so nice! 

Honestly it's been hard. People my age (early 20s) are not accepting of differences and STIs overall. Honestly, this really shows the lack of comprehensive sex-ed student recieve. Like, seriously, how can we expect people to be successful if we don't even teach them biology and how their own human form works?! 

I am so sorry to hear about your struggle. I'm happy you are starting to feel better! Hold your head high and be kind to yourself. You deserve someone who is kind, respectful, and unconditionally loving and accepting!! Don't settle for less because you are worried that no one else will accept you. You deserve the best and nothing less!!

Sending happiness your way!! 🌄

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