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False negative

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I have never received a false negative, I'm sorry I cannot offer any advice!

However, blood tests are a great way to see if you have it. The swab test is extremely helpful but only can be done if there are active sores. So, maybe a blood test would be helpful if you are concerned about the false negative.

This website offer a lot of reliable information about tests, if you wanted to check it out! 


Sending Light and Luck your way!! 🍀🌄

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I was exposed to the virus on Apr. 3rd of this year. I’m almost certain that I have it (gentian wart, and tingling on my shaft). All three of my IGG blood test have came back negative for HSV2 which is honestly the most annoying (false hope). It’s only been two months, and I’ve heard that it takes three for them to become detectable, so maybe that’s why. My doctor keeps saying that the antibodies show within 14 days, going in for a physical exam next week. It’s sucks that testing is so inaccurate for this virus.

PS, I’ve previously had hsv1, but I‘ve never shown any symptoms so I’m sure that this is not HSV1 causing my symptoms.


Any similar scenarios/stories? 

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I was doing research about HSV1 and 2. Those with HSV-1 who later contract HSV-2 are actually more likely to not show symptoms of contracting HSV-2, especially in males. Maybe because your body is somewhat familiar with HSV, it's fighting it off with your antibodies you have from HSV-1. I may be completely wrong, but I will share the articles with you shortly!

Sending hope and happiness! 🌄

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Here are some articles about contracting HSV-2 after already having HSV-1.

I hope these help! They offer a lot of scientific jargon but in general the summary explains that some of the patients in the study who already had HSV-1 had less intense symptoms of HSV-2 during their first outbreak of HSV-2. https://www.nejm.org/doi/pdf/10.1056/NEJM199911043411904?articleTools=true

Here is a general explanation and information about genital herpes tests from the American Sexual Health Association that talks about false negatives and the different tests, which is super helpful: https://www.ashasexualhealth.org/herpes-testing/

I hope that these help in some way! 

Sending hope and good health! 🌄

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