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Disclosing and Kindness and Acceptance from a 110% Babe

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Hey Everyone! 

I hope you all are well 🙂 !

Last night I told an amazing man about my herpes, and he was so kind and accepting.

We are really into each other, and what's so funny is we haven't talked in 15 years, since we were childhood friends!! As we've been talking, he kept saying I was his dream girl, and I kept thinking "Yeah... well just wait until I tell you about my herpes."

Because he is in the military, I had to tell him over text, so of course I told him I would rather tell him this in person, but I had to tell him before we made an effort to see each other. When I told him about it, he said, "Oh okay! Yeah but a lot of people have that, it's common, right?" My heart felt SO relieved. We talked about it and I kept asking, "So you understand I could hypothetically give it to you every time we have sex?" and he said, "Yeah, I get it." I was so happy I just couldn't believe it! 😍

Please know there is always hope, and every pot has its lid. Don't settle for less than you deserve! You deserve love and kindness, respect and acceptance, not only from others, but from yourself!!

Sending Peace and Joy! 💛☀️


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1 minute ago, Flowerteacher55 said:

Awwww thank you @NJRunnerMom!!!! ❤️❤️🦋🦋🌼🌼🍀🍀 I hope everything is well with you!!! 😊😊😇😇🌈🌈

Things are sooo good!  We're actually planning a quick getaway trip too, so all is well, I'm on cloud 9 right now, couldn't be better.  And tonight he's introducing me to his kids so I have definitely found a keeper.  Life is good!

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39 minutes ago, NJRunnerMom said:

Things are sooo good!  We're actually planning a quick getaway trip too, so all is well, I'm on cloud 9 right now, couldn't be better.  And tonight he's introducing me to his kids so I have definitely found a keeper.  Life is good!

OH MY GOSH THAT IS SO EXCITING!!!! 🥳 Congratulations!! You deserve this happiness and so much more!! 😊  Have a wonderful trip!!! 

Yes, as my mom always says, "Life isn't easy... life isn't perfect... Life is GOOD!" 🌄😊


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Hey H-Team! 

So... The guy I was talking to became super distant. So, me being a very direct person just asked "Hi! I wanted to ask if you were still interested in me, which is 110% okay if you aren't! I just wanted to ask to avoid any miscommunication!"

He replied and said he just had to focus on him and building his career (he's higher up in the military) and of course I totally understood. I thanked him for being honest with me.

Did part of me want to jump to conclusions and think it was because I told him I had HSV? Of course. The worry voice was like "OH SEE IT WAS BECAUSE OF HERPES" but the voice of reason said,"Nope. He told you why. It wasn't meant to be. And that's okay. You didn't do anything wrong." 

So, friends, if you are in this place, too, know it isn't you. Assumptions are harmful, and they aren't even facts! Usually they are worries. Worries that we are so afraid will come true, so we assume them. Have faith in yourself and that love and happy healthy relationships will come to you ❤️.

You deserve respect and mutual feelings of unconditional love. Don't stay with someone if you are happy in the relationship, because you're afraid of being alone and think this is it, no one else will accept me for my HSV status. You deserve respect!! Respect yourself ❤️ you deserve it. 

Stay strong, friends! I pray for you all and wish you all the best always!! 🌼 Thank you for helping me work through my worries and struggles. I couldn't do this without this forum and all of you!! 

🌼❤️🌈🍀😇 Sending joy and happiness!!!

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I'm sorry to hear that he became distant but like you said,  it wasn't meant to be.   This is not a reflection of who you are.   There are plenty of fish in the sea and this was not one of them.   Your perfect man is still out there and you will find him.   Stay strong and positive my friend.   Big hugs!

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@Flowerteacher55 I’m sorry to hear that he came to that realization, but I’m glad that he told you before you had too much time and energy invested! It sounds like you’re a lovely girl, just from the little that we’ve talked. I know there is a perfect guy for you! Keep being yourself, and spreading all that joy and peace! 

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