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Outbreaks still lingering every month.

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I’ve been on generic valacyclovir daily since early may. I take 1g daily and I still experience a itchy red vulva. I’ve also been taking lysine and a probiotic for vaginal health. It’s hard to wipe as I feel like everytime I use the restroom I irritate my skin further and it really hard not to scratch. I’m trying to get my health insurance together so that I can try valtrex. I got my copper iud removed in December and noticed my cycle isn’t as heavy. Any recommendations would really help. Praying for healing and a better resolution. 

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I am so sorry to hear about your struggle. It sounds like the outbreak affected you pretty bad. 

Depending on what type of herpes you have, this lingering itchiness and pain may be common, do you have type 1 or 2? Also, depending on how many sores you had and where they were, maybe some of the new skin growth is causing irritation. 

Are you experiencing any other symptoms, discharge, or pain? It could be a bacterial infection; the vagina is a SUPER complex system, and new medicine and stress such as contracting herpes could possibly cause some imbalances in the body. 

There is a topical Acyclovir cream, maybe this would help. 

I am sending you prayers of health and happiness. Stay strong!! We are here for you ❤️🍀🌼🌄

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Hey. I was diagnosed with type 2. The sores are the size of pin needle heads. The discharge is weird sometimes and combined with the itchy skin it makes me feel like I yeast infection sometimes. It’s very confusing. The topic cream didn’t really seem to help. I’m wondering what else could be causing flare ups. Very afraid. 

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I'm so sorry about that. You don't deserve that at all. Have you discussed it with your OBGYN? Also, call a clinic like Planned Parenthood. They are really really awesome for things like this-- I've called them with questions and the person answers them or refers me to ask my doctor. 

I am going to do some research on this and get back to you!! 

There is hope!! ❤️❤️ Stay strong. 

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