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Need to talk please!Question about meds!

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Had pain during last few  intercourses, went to gynecologist and she saw there is redness on the inner labia and said it’s herpes. Last time I got Std testing was about 8 months ago, I was shocked to find out I wasn’t tested for herpes since 2014. Why again they don’t test for that? If I be gotten herpes years ago I could have spread it to many people already! I assume it’s my first outbreak, never had any blisters or sores or pain like that before! But who knows how long I could have been asymptomatic !? I have a new partner for 2 months now , did he give it to me? Now I don’t know what to do because we had unprotected sex while apparently I had active herpes! I don’t know what to do!!! It’s embarrassing ,it’s scary! I am living these last days in panic mode, so devastated and can’t think of anything else! 
I am still waiting on my results , the swab and the blood. But just really need to talk to someone who might have an idea. 
Also! Should I take the meds? I got valocyclovyr 1g - 2x per day. I don’t have any pain. And it says that best to take it in the beginning of outbreak, but it’s been at least one week. Should I still take the meds for 7 days??

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Hi ❤️

First, take a breath. In this moment all is well and you are safe. You will be okay. 

I completely understand your worry and pain, and I am so sorry you are suffering. You are not alone. We are all here to support you. ❤️

Please know you are not dirty or bad or less of a person. You are worthy of love, kindness, understanding, and peace. You may feel so mad at your body right now, but instead choose to forgive it. Your body is a part of you and you are a beautiful person, regardless of viruses. 

To answer your questions, the fact that herpes isn't tested on STI panels is 💩. I'm so sorry about that. This is why we need more compressive sexual education AND the doctor or test provider should disclose that it doesn't test for herpes, too!!

Based on your story, it sounds like this was your first outbreak. I recommend completing the antiviral medication prescribed, as it will help stop the virus from shedding and making more herpes lesions. It also helps speed up the healing process (you'll watch the sores ooze and then crust over and scab, and eventually this scab falls off and youre left with new skin). 

Have you talked to your partner about it? If you need advice on how to talk to them about it, let me know. Disclosing it is hard but it is very very empowering, trust-building, and relieving. 

Please know that you are not alone. You aren't tainted or bad. You are a pure good human being who just has a virus. And that's okay. ❤️

I really suggest avoiding googling things about herpes unless it's a reliable website (CDC, WHO, Planned Parenthood) as there's A LOT of misinformation out there that is just not true at all. 

Break the stigma of herpes by starting it within your heart. Don't judge yourself. Accept yourself as you are and love yourself even more! ❤️

Please direct message me if you need any help or need someone to just vent to. I am a 22 year old female with genital HSV-1, if that helps!! 

Sending blessings and prayers your way!! 🌄☀️🌼🌈


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Thank you for a quick response! I will continue with the meds. 
How likely do you think that my current new partner is the one who caused it? Do you know how soon does the outbreak happen after an exposure to it , say it’s a HSV2. 
Is that true that antibodies show up on test only after 4 month from exposure? What about the outbreak?
I want to wait for my results from gynecologist before I say anything. Because if I don’t have the antibodies, then he gave it to me. Which I really hope for, so I won’t feel so terrible and guilty… 

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So, it would make the most sense for your current partner to have given it to you, considering he is your most recent sexual partner and this seems to be your first outbreak. Typically an outbreak will occur in an average of 4 days from exposure (but the range is between 2 to 12 days after exposure). 

For me, I have HSV-1, and I believe I got it from receiving oral sex from my partner at the time. Although my partner denied having it and giving it to me, my doctor told me it was definitely from him. 

A swab test on a sore comes back very quickly and they are very accurate, and blood tests are very accurate, too. 

Here are some helpful sources: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/genital-herpes/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20356167

FOR TESTING AND BLOOD TESTING INFO; https://labtestsonline.org/tests/immunoglobulins-iga-igg-igm


This source mentions the fact that blood testing right away may produce a false negatives, however the amount of time needed to wait before testing is not specified. I would ask you doctor or even all a Planned Parenthood! 

You can do this! Stay strong ❤️. Our have no reason to feel guilty. When the results come back from the OBGYN, you can start to make a game plan for how to address it with your partner and ask them if they have ever had a sore or symptoms and ask them to get a blood test.

We are all here for you!! ☀️ Sending blessings and prayers your way!! ❤️🌼🌄☀️

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😀 I want to let everyone know this. Life isn't suppose to be about stress and anxiety.  Life us meant for enjoyment and happiness. I am a very happy person regardless of what gets thrown my way. Life is short. Eat what you like but don't go overboard. Things will get better for you. Don't drink energy drinks or alcohol with alot of sugar. Also I suggest 1 piece of dark chocolate not the entire box. Take Epsom salt bath with coconut oil. This will help you relax. Make sure to buy a pillow for your relax time in the tub. Hot baths with Dr.Teals Epsom salt lavender and melatonin help also. Remember to be yourself who is meant to be with you will. Don't let people get you down. Enjoy your life you only get one. .

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Tea tree oil essential oil helps also dilute with water and use on skin where u breakout. The virus doesn't like this and also olive oil and peppermint oil help. You can also do lots more such as make green smoothies with all the healthy foods Kale and spinach and banana and apple and pear and blueberries and raspberries and garlic and cayenne pepper and celery. Blend altogether to make a smoothie. Peel apple and cut before adding. You can also add chia seeds or anything else you like. Make this very healthy smoothie daily for breakfast. That's it. Start your day off with lots of lysine in your smoothie. The lysine will keep the virus dormant. 

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Just got a call from gynecology about my swab and blood  results , they said they didn’t get anything from swab test( or lost it) ! And I have only HS1 in my blood, which I knew I had for a long time. I was happy for a minute that  I don’t have the HSV 2 , but now I am thinking what if blood didn’t show it because I didn’t develop the antibodies ! If it’s the case then my current partner definitely gave it to me! 
I will have him get tested ! 

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Hi!!! @Kookie

So that's really interesting. I read that swabs can have false negatives. According to the American Sexual Health Association, "Because a culture works by requiring virus that is active, if a lesion is very small, or is already beginning to heal, there may not be enough virus present for an accurate culture. Beyond 48 hours of the symptoms appearing, there is a risk of receiving a false negative test result. Viral culture is even less accurate during recurrences (positive in only about 30% of recurrent outbreaks)." So, if you get another outbreak and swab the sores, the likelihood of receiving a true outcome is only 30%. 

Do you know if they did a culture swab or a NAAT test? 

Next, dont worry!!!! Your body is amazing. It has developed antibodies, just sometimes not enough are present yet to be detected in blood. However, yours were, and that's why your results said positive for HSV1.

When you ask your partner, be gentle and kind To promote honesty and willingness to get tested for the betterment of both your wellbeings. Chances are they may not have known they had it, especially HSV1. If they have oral HSV1, it can be passed during oral sex.

Good luck with everything!!! ❤️🌻🌱🌼


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