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I am experiencing my first outbreak and man. I’m ready to call into work I’m so uncomfortable 😭 how long did your first outbreak last? It seems as though they are turning more into scabs now does that mean I am near the end? Is there anything I can do to help relieve the pain? The pain seems to be worse after I use the bathroom. It’s definitely making this harder to cope this. I just want to lay in bed all day and hibernate.  Will every outbreak be like this? 

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Hello, @valleydecember217!

I am so sorry you are experiencing pain. The first outbreak is typically the worst and most painful, as your body has to make antibodies and get used to the viruses. So on the positive, the next outbreaks should be less intense than this first one!

in regards to the scabbing you are describing, you are totally on point when you say it's expected. There is a cycle of herpes sores: first the appearance of a sore which may be accompanied with itching, redness, "angry" looking skin, then the sores start to form a head with a white or opaque middle. Eventually these heads pop, and ooze. These sores will crust over and scab, and eventually this scab will fall off, leaving new skin, which may be lighter than the skin around it. The time it takes for the sores to go through this cycle depends; if you have been prescribed antivirals, this can help speed up the cyclical healing rate and reduce viral shedding (which causes new sores to appear). However, you can heal without the antivirals, it just may take longer and involve more sores due to the viral shedding. 

Because urine is so acidic, is can cause such intense burning of sores, especially if the sores are near the urethral opening. Holding a stress ball while you go to the bathroom can honestly help a lot, and using the bathroom before showering can help too, since you'll be rinsing off any of the urine residue. 

Lysine cream can help SO much, as it coats the sores and soothes them. You can buy it at most drug stores. Ice packs and loose clothing can also help. Because this is your first outbreak, get to know your body's reactions to the virus. Notice the symptoms you have and had before the outbreak, and take note of these, as they may be indicators (called prodrome symptoms) to watch out for before future outbreaks, or your body's warning sign that an outbreak will be occuring soon and that the virus is shedding. During these warning periods, abstain from sex or intimate contact, and get your supplies ready (lysine cream, antivirals if needed, etc). 

Honestly, if you need to call out from work, do it. I can totally relate to that feeling. I had to sit in my college classes during my first outbreak and I was constantly shifting in my chair and wincing the whole time, and waddling between classes and at work during my catering job was not good for my sores or my self-esteem 😂. Looking back, I can laugh, but in the moment it was really not a happy time. 

Please know you are clean, pure, worthy of love and respect, and are a blessing, even though you may be feeling down or ashamed. Herpes is a virus, and a common one at that. It doesn't define you! 

if you need any support or have any questions, feel free to ask them! We are an open and kid community  here for you during this time and always, however you need 🌄.

Sending happiness and wellness your way!! 🌄🌼🌱🦋🌻

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Ibuprofen and sweatpants.

my first outbreak was back in April. It lasted quite a while. The healing process for the first one was kind of lengthy. Maybe two weeks. After a few days of the scabs things seem to simmer down. Still pretty uncomfortable. 

I had my second outbreak about two weeks ago. It was two very tiny blisters and then a scab for a few days. The second one was so minimal. Hopefully no more for a while! It sucks.

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Mine lasted about 4 weeks from start to finish which included the nerve pain.  The physical sores took about 2 weeks.   Get yourself a squirt bottle and when you pee, squirt the water onto your lady parts at the same time.   It'll help take the pain away.   

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This all sounds very normal for a first outbreak. Unfortunately they are much longer, roughly 2-4weeks, and very painful. Mine felt like it would never end but I promise you it will.

Here's what helped me get through my first one:

- Calmoseptine ointment. Its used for adult diaper rash, but I slathered it all over everything that hurt and it helped TREMENDOUSLY in the final stages of healing. Just remember to wear underwear you don't care about because it does not come out of the crotch of them in my experience.

- If its painful to urinate, get a squirt bottle like a ketchup squirt bottle or something similar that will stream water out of the spout. When you pee, squirt your area with water it helps SO MUCH. OR you can run a cold bath and jump in and pee in the water. You only need enough bath to cover your genitals when sitting up.

- ibuprofen and Tylenol you can rotate them so you can take some every 3 hours. 

- It's also okay to call out from work. This is going to hurt and take time to heal. 

- If it's helpful, I have been diagnosed with HSV2 since 2018, and I had that first terrible outbreak, and then one more baby one a year ago that lasted a couple days and mostly felt like a yeast infection, and haven't had any other issues.


Good luck and sorry you're having to deal with it!


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