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Continuous OB for 2 months…what can I do?

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Hoping someone here can help me with some advice, or even just a little support as I’m so frustrated and depressed I don’t know what to do anymore?  I have G-HSV1, and got it from my fiancé almost a year into our relationship from a cold sore he was getting. Didn’t even know that was possible.  That happened in Feb of this year 5 months ago.   Initial outbreak was bad, doctor gave me Valtrex and it went away in about 2-3 weeks.  I was good for 2 months, I almost forgot about the whole nightmare then.  But then in May, I got the next outbreak.  I freaked out called to get prescription of Valtrex and had no idea that this would last for 2 months(still going).  The doctor tired Valtrex than switched to Acyclovir.  I upped the dosage and I still had a few lesions.  Doctor switched me back again to Valtrex and simply told me to take as many as I needed until I found the optimal dosage.  I’m taking 5 (500mg) each morning and night currently (yes, 10 pills) and I still have small lesions.  They come & go daily at this point.  I started taking Lysine this week hoping that could give me relief.  I’ve noticed the leg pain now and it’s everyday.  I was a very healthy person, never sick before this.  I don’t like the idea that I’m taking so much medicine and still not getting this to subside.  I know I’m stressed from work, and I’m honestly a mess over having herpes so I’m worried all the time.  I’m a very active person and eat healthy.  Is this normal in the first year of the virus?  Is this how I have to live life now?  I’ve only had a few days here or there that I felt normal in the past 2 months and I’m exhausted.   I’ve only had sex twice in that time as well.  My fiancé  had been amazing and supportive but I’m just so depressed that this is happening to us, just when we found happiness together.   My doctor didn’t seem too worried about any of this, just said to keep taking Valtrex and check back in 3 months.  What else can I do?  Please help! 

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First, I am so sorry you are experiencing this pain and stress. You don't deserve this at all! We are all here for you ❤️Please know you are still an amazing person with herpes. ❤️

I also have GHSV-1, but typically GHSV-1 does not cause as many outbreaks such as the one you are describing. 

First, I am not a doctor! But what you are talking about sounds familiar from other herpes stories I have heard. 

The worsening issues and tingling of the legs sounds like postherpetic neuralgia, which is damage to the nerve endings at the base of the spine where herpes 'lives'. However, postherpetic neuralgia is linked with shingles (herpes zoster) -- have you ever had shingles before?

However, the lasting of the sores with medication sounds like resistance. 

Sometimes people with herpes can develop a resistance to the antiviral drugs, which sounds like what you are describing. 500 mg and still having small sores after two months with GHSV-1 is definitely a sign that there's more for your doctor to look into. 

Remember, YOU are the patient and your opinion is valid. Sometimes doctors are skeptical about ideas from a patient, but you know you best! Ask about herpes resistance or other possibilities not yet thought of and see what happens.

Also, if you want other input from a different doctor, you can get a referral for a demonologist, virologist, or other specialist from your primary care physician (PCP) if need be. 

Check out this helpful CDC fact and treatment guide, which explains about resistance to antivirals. You have to scroll down a little bit on the page. https://www.cdc.gov/std/tg2015/herpes.htm

I hope this helps!! I am so sorry for your struggles. 

I am so happy that your fiancé is there for you and is supportive!! You deserve that ❤️.

please reach out for any more support or advice!! 

Sending blessings and happy vibes your way!! ❤️🦋🌼🌄

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An update: I just learned that Post-herpetic neuralgia is linked specifically to shingles/herpes zoster (not HSV), which can actually manifest/appear in the genital area later in life. If you've ever had shingles/herpes zoster (different than HSV) this could be a factor in the tingling! 

I'm so sorry if the above was confusing or misleading. I am unsure is HSV can also cause neuralgia, but maybe a doctor knows more about HSV and neuralgia!!

Blessings! 🙂 

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hi! I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this. I was recently diagnosed with genital HSV-1. I live a pretty holistic lifestyle and try to avoid pharmaceuticals as much as I can, so I’ve done a lot of research on natural supplements that can be taken for suppression and treatment options instead of the typical prescribed antivirals. 
In my search, I’ve found Lysine, Olive Leaf Extract (pills or liquid to use topically on sores,) and Gigartina red marine algae. I have found scientific papers backing up the use of these things for treating HSV! 
I see that you started taking lysine already, maybe on of the other things might be worth a try too! 

I’m currently taking the red marine algae and lysine daily, and I ordered both types of the Olive leaf to keep on hand in case I need it. 

I hope this helps! Good luck! ❤️

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