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anxiety caused by prodrome?

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new to this site but not new to HSV-2... I've had it for over 20 yrs now... 

I can tell exactly when it's coming on too because I'll get low, depressed, get insomnia in the days leading up to an outbreak. I'll also get anxiety and loss of appetite... my pulse will even go up... then when I get the outbreak...  it's like a release and I can calm my nerves because that usually means the end to the drama... 


  Can anyone else here relate to this one? But just like clockwork...  I get it...  nice to meet all of you... all very brave and congratulate you on finding this cool site

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Hello!! 🙂 

Welcome to the site!!

The human body is literally amazing. Our bodies know so much, knows how to take care of itself, knows how to communicate with us to say "something is about to happen." When a virus starts to awaken, the body may be going into a state of producing white blood cells and preparing to fight off the sores, so of course you'll feel physically off. The emotional changes are very interesting, and I am going to research any literature I can find on the correlations between HSV outbreaks and impact on mood and hormones that affect mood and sleep or relaxation. I will reply back with the resources if I come across any!!

Thank you for sharing your story with everyone! Others who relate to your pre-herpes symptoms will definitely feel so much more happy knowing that they aren't alone. 🙂 

Blessings! 🙂❤️ 


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Thanks Grace... yea it effects the mood (for me anyways) I tried to search out stuff online but the unfortunate part about it is, there isn't a whole lot out there... I get the feeling that HSV gets the back seat with studies because of the fact that it's not life threatening like HIV and the others... 


   I think I read a couple guests on here saying they had some depression and insomnia as well when I did a search on the forum here...  one person replied to them saying "no" it's not possible which made me want to sign up to tell them that that person was incorrect and that yes... it does effect the mood, nervous system in some way, esp before one...

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Oh my gosh, yes, definitely. After I went to my first OBGYN exam visit, I mentioned my HSV to the gynocoloigist and explained how it has gotten me rejection after rejection. The gynecologist actually said to me, "Oh gosh, no one cares about herpes since AIDS came around, so I'm surprised people actually reject you because your herpes." Like... uhh... that's a little insensitive. Of course, AIDS, HIV, and other illnesses are extremely life threatening, but viruses like HSV still need to be researched and talked about to help people who already have it and help stop the spread of it for future generations. 

In regards to the research, I came across a National Library of Medicine article titled, "Herpes simplex and mood: a prospective study," published in 1995 (a little dated, but the fact that there is previous research on this is a good sign!). Results of the study showed that within 10 days of the outbreak, patients in the study experienced a lack of sleep and negative mood changes. Check it out here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/7792371/

For people who get periods and have genital herpes outbreaks in sync with their periods can experience mood changes not necessarily of the outbreaks (but this is possible) but because of the coinciding with the increase in female hormones during menstruation. Interestingly enough, hormones can influence outbreaks, too. So all around, period outbreaks can be really a physical and emotional roller-coaster. 

Bottom line, emotions and herpes outbreaks totally can correlate, and they can most definitely play off each other. 

Thank you for sharing your experiences!!

Sending happiness and blessings your way! 🙂 




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