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Hi. I have GHSV1 and I was wondering how likely it is to pass this on to someone who gives me oral sex? I haven’t had any sexual contact with anyone since learning my ex gave this to me. I probably never will again but I want to be educated in case I ever decide to be sexually active again. 

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FIrst, I am so sorry that your ex gave it to you. Please know that it was not your fault. I am sorry if you've been struggling. 

I also have GHSV-1. Please know that you can still have a wonderful romantic life with herpes. Herpes isn't a game changer, and actually can lead to finding closer connections with people who are kind, respectful, and accepting of us, herpes and all, which is what he deserve-- to be accepted and loved! 

After some research, I came across this article by BMC Medicine published in 2019 titled, "Characterizing the transitioning epidemiology of herpes simplex 1 in the USA: odel-based predictions." Article: https://bmcmedicine.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12916-019-1285-x

It discusses the four modes of transmission of herpes: oral-oral, oral-genital, genital-genital, and genital-oral, which is what you are asking about. 

According to the article, less than 10% of all HSV-1 genital cases is caused by genital-genital sex, but this will probably increase up to 15% by 2050, as oral sex is more common in our culture, especially among young people. "Notably, genital-to-oral transmission will remain negligible  < 1% of oral acquisitions."

Basically, the article is saying less than 1% of oral herpes cases are caused by genital-to-oral transmission (and it is predicted to stay very low). Note: this doesn't mean that the RISK is 1%, but instead it talks about how the cases of genital-to-oral transmission is very very very low and makes up a tiny minority of the four transmission modes. 

While that doesn't answer your question in technical terms, it still helps provide some insight into the cases of genital-to-oral tranmission of HSV-1.

Remember, you can still enjoy your sex life with herpes. Just watch for outbreak symptoms and precursors, and if you have any symptoms or have an active outbreak, just abstain from sexual intimacy. Also, if you are really worried, you can go on suppressive medication when you are with a new partner. While it doesn't 100% stop all possibility of transmission, it can help a lot. Talk to your doctor or OBGYN about the medication, and if it would be right for you and your specific symptoms or outbreak frequency. 

I hope this helps!! ❤️ 🙂 

You are not alone ❤️

Blessings, Grace 

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