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HSV-1 on genitals but not mouth?

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So I was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago. The initial outbreak is subsiding and I no longer feel like my life is over. I think I was unknowingly infected by my girlfriend who is more than likely asymptomatic for oral herpes, but my question is, wouldn't have I also gotten oral herpes from her and not just genital? Also, she had s pretty long-term relationship before me and her ex didn't get infected. I've read that the virus can be dormant for years, so I'm wondering if this came from an incident I went through as a child. For reference I'm 27, so this happened over 20 years ago. Anyone else go through something similar? 

My girlfriend is currently out of town and is going to get tested when she comes back in order to clear all doubts about how I got herpes. Either way, our relationship is stronger than ever and none of this would change anything, but I do worry that if I didn't get it from her, I could out her at risk. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any insight on this.

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- HSV-1 has 80% of the population, and most of it is oral (98%).
- You get it during childhood with the kiss of an aunt, a grandpa, grandma.
- When you get it orally, after 6 months-1 year, you are unlikely to get it in other part of your body since you build inmunity. 
- You get genital HSV-1 when you initiate your sexual life without having the virus, and your first exposure to the virus is with oral sex. So, this it what happened.
You didn't catch the virus before like most humans, and your first exposure to the virus was with oral sex.


- Genital HSV-1 is the nicer one to have. Recurrences are rare (1.2 per year) and most people with genital HSV-1 don't have outbreaks at all after the first-second year.
- Since HSV-1 doesn't like the sacral ganglia, viral sheding (when you shed the virus without symptoms) is really small.
- Transmission of genital HSV-1 with genital to genital contact is very very very unlikely. You get genital HSV-1 through oral sex.
- If your girlfriend already has oral HSV-1, she won't get it down stairs. One because she already built inmunity to get it in other part of her body; and second, because transmission with genital-genital contact doesn't happen. 

.- Yes, you can get HSV-1 oral and genitally if you don't give the time to build inmunity.
- NO. Your girlfriend is not in risk.

Blame your mother, uncle, aunt, grandma, and the ex-girlfriends that didn't give you oral hsv-1 in your childhood/teenage years, and your first exposure to it was with oral sex.
She is not in risk.
Enjoy sex and don't worry.
You got genital herpes, but you got the nicer one.
It is not her fault.
Your sex life must be the same. It won't change.
Welcome to the 80% of people who has HSV-1. Bad luck it was downstairs, but is not the end of the world. 


If it was HSV-2, it would be a different story.

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