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Spreading Herpes Outbreaks on the body

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I’ve learned so far the herpes is spread through skin to skin contact. Outbreaks tending to occur in the genital area and possibly the mouth. I’ve heard that after the first outbreak occurs wherever the blisters formed on your body that they will reappear on that region only when subsequent outbreaks occur. 

For example, let’s say the first outbreak occurs in the genitals. Would that mean that all subsequent outbreaks would occur just on that area?

Or is it possible that outbreaks can be spread to the rest of the body via herpetic whitlow (I’m sure I spelled that wrong.) If this is the case would a couple whom are both herpes positive then be capable of spreading herpes to multiple areas of the body assuming they continue to have sex? My thought is that done enough a couple could infect each other to the point that they are covered head to toe in blisters. 

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Another great question. Literally I love these questions because everyone has thought them!! 

First, yes, subsequent outbreaks will occur in the region where the first outbreak took place. For those who have it genitally, the outbreaks may appear on the thighs, buttocks, or possibly the anus, but it tends to stay in the same general area. 

Second, herpetic whitlow (you spelled it right!) Is when you get herpes on a finger. Think of it kind of like a wart. It's a virus that would make a sore, and hypothetically then you could pass it on via your finger. However, let's remember our key points about herpes:

☀️ When someone has herpes, their body creates antibodies which help fight the virus from spreading to other parts of the body. 

☀️ This means that it would be hard to give yourself herpes on your finger. 

☀️ If you have the same HSV as your partner, you have antibodies against it, so that brings us back to square (or sun ☀️, rather) one.

☀️ You can still touch your girlfriend's genitals, and she can touch yours. You won't get covered head to toe in herpes sores. 🙂 

☀️ However, you are still building up antibodies even months after a first outbreak/exposure, so the risk of contract whitlow or herpes elsewhere is much more possible during the early outbreak/antibody buildup stage (See the 🌈 below).

☀️ Could you get covered in sores? Yes. Some people have large outbreaks on their chest or back, but this rare. People who have excessive outbreaks of herpes are typically those who either have an autoimmune-related illness, or those who suffer from antiviral resistance. 

☀️ Interestingly enough, herpetic whitlow occurs commonly to wrestlers and athletes who have close-contact sports. They aren't covered head to toe in sores, and they live happy healthy lives! 

🌈 Please know that while whitlow is possible, it is unlikely, especially if you already have built up antibodies, but remember, this typically takes several weeks or more. Whether you've had herpes for days or years, it is generally a good idea to wash your hands after touching a sore. Of course, during the primary first outbreak it is very important to wash your hands, as your body is still producing antibodies, and the antibody amount may not be big enough yet to prevent spreading of the virus to other body parts (such as the finger). 

I hope this helps!!! ☀️

If you need advice on this I totally recommend looking up Terri Warrens take on whitlow and the facts about it!! Below is a great article where she talks about how you can get it from others or yourself, how you can still engage in physical activity, and myths and facts about it, etc. 


Also, check out this 25 pg magical document: super helpful!! 









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