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Valtrex not working

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Hello friends,

I have G-HSV1 for just under a year now. I tend to get cut-like outbreaks on my period every month or when I don’t get enough sleep. The outbreaks, although only last 1-2 days are annoying, a bit painful, and are a painful reminder of my diagnosis.


I take 1000mg Valtrex daily and also supplement with 500mg Lysine. However, I still get outbreaks on these occasions I described above so I don’t think the Valtrex is working. Does anyone have any suggestions to help get 100% or close to 100% suppression aside from stress management ? ( I workout and eat healthy and generally take my health seriously already). 

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I am so sorry for your struggles. 

Although supressive medication cannot stop all possible outbreaks, especially ones period related, it seems like maybe you should try another antiviral as a suppressive to see if it reduces the number of outbreaks and severity by any amount. Some people have really really great response to antivirals and they do not get outbreaks, while others have outbreaks regularly while on the medication. 

You don't deserve to suffer, and perhaps talking to your OBGYN or doctor can help, as they can suggest a different antiviral for you and then help you track your progress. 

I hope that this helps!! 

Sending you blessings and good health!! ☀️🌻🙂

-- Grace



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@Flowerteacher55 thank you for your comment. I didn’t know there were other antiviral options as I thought Valtrex abs acyclovir were the same thing. I will talk to my doctor! ya my outbreaks aren’t too bad luckily. They present as a small cut that resembles a paper cut always in the same spot but it is annoying and emotionally and physically painful a bit. 

Thank you for your kind words and great advice always!! 💜💜

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Of course! And yes, there are three main types of antivirals: Acyclovir, Valacyclovir, and Famciclovir. You read about them here! https://www.ashasexualhealth.org/herpes-treatment/

Outbreaks can totally be emotionally triggering, and this can just worsen the physical symptoms and pain. I have heard others talk about their outbreaks which are also paper-cut like sores. I also have GHSV-1 but my sores have always presented as the large classic sores, not paper cuts. However, please know you aren't alone ❤️

Stay strong!! You can do this ☀️



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