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Conditions Mistaken for Herpes?

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Yes, there are several conditions that present similar sores to herpes, and there are conditions that present similar symptoms (besides sores) as herpes. 


- Molluscom Contagiosum (I actually thought this is what I had, as I cycle)

- Ingrown hairs (except they usually have a dark line in them which is the hair follicle, and they don't come with symptoms such as fever and tingling, unless super infected)

HPV: these would look more like warts and tend to have a hard top, not a squishy dimpled top like herpes sores.


- yeast infection, BV, other STIs, rashes or irritations from products or soaps, and neurological conditions that cause tingling from the base of the spine or pelvic area. There are many many more conditions that have the prodrome symptoms, however when coupled with the presentation of sores, it typically can be hypothesized it is herpes. 

You mentioned Bacterial Vaginosis. BV is a bacterial infection, and with it usually comes a strong odor, colored discharge, burning and pain, but not usually lesions. Sometimes people can get cut-like marks which can be attributed to vaginal thrush, friction from, yeast infections, vaginitis, and other infections. 

Herpes sores are unique in that they have a little dimple, usually go through stages of healing, have a head that oozes. While many people have the symptoms of tingling and burning, some people do not.

Because herpes affects everyone differently, it is so hard to check all the boxes of a diagnosis, and a doctor shouldn't expect someone to fit the exact 110% perfect definition of herpes in order to see that it is most likely herpes. 

I hope that this helps!!! 

Blessings! 🌻



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Thanks so much. It’s definitely a complicated situation I’ve been trying to help my gf through. At the same time she was tested for herpes there was evidence of a yeast infection. A doctor recently diagnosed her with BV too. I encouraged her to see an OBGYN since she has seen Nurse Practitioners up to this point. She did not have small patches of blistering like I usually associate with herpes. Instead she had a single large open sore. I’d say 1-2 inches in length. Seems like there is a lot going on so the more information I’ve got the more I can help her through this difficult time. All other STI tests came back negative. We are waiting for the results of the BV swab. 

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I am so sorry for her struggles. She is so blessed to have a supportive boyfriend like you to help!! 

Recommending to her that she should see an OBGYN is a great idea, since that doctor specializes in that part of the body. 

Herpes sores typically occur in clusters, but they can appear as single sores as well. However, a 1-2 inch sore doesn't sound like a herpes sore to me, as that is a large sore that sounds like it could be a bacterial or viral skin infection. Is the sore leaking fluid? Is it the same color as the surrounding skin? Does it have a shiny, calluses, or fluid-filled head? 

I'm sending your girlfriend  blessings and happy healing thoughts!! ☀️🌻🌼

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I’d say it’s more like an 1 inch sore not 2 sorry about that. I can recall the details other than she described it like having the pain of an oral canchre sore on her genitals. I recall her saying there was discharge. She took Valtrax which seemed to helped clear the sore up after a week or so. 

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