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Prolonged outbreak

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Can anyone who has had an outbreak that persists well over 2 months advise me please? Or anyone?
Intense pain, sore lymph nodes, tingling fingers.... no lesions though. No let up, no reprise.
Is it possible that taking medication can actually slow down this virus and make an outbreak last longer and drag the pain out? Should medication be stopped during an outbreak to let it pass and then resumed once the outbreak has finished?
By medication I am talking about Lycine, Vit C, Olive Leaf Extract etc

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I am so sorry for your lengthy outbreak. That sounds horribly painful and draining emotionally and physically. Please know that there is hope, and you aren't alone. Many others have experienced outbreaks which lasted over a month or more.

First, I wanted to ask some questions. Do you have genital HSV-1 or 2? Have you been prescribed any antivirals, and if so do you take it suppresively or just when you have an outbreak, or do you not take antivirals at all? Also, prior to this, what were your outbreaks typically like? Did they occur frequently, monthly, a few a year, etc? Did they include certain prodrome symptoms, and did they have many sores or a couple? Or, was there no trend and your outbreaks were more sparatically occuring and fluctuated in size and severity?  

IMPORTANT: If your lymph nodes have been swollen for two months, that is a sign of a lymphatic issue or an infection somewhere in the body, or that your body is currently fighting an infection or virus (which could be herpes or something else). Have you reached out to your doctor? If not, PLEASE do so ASAP. The tingling and swollen lymph nodes are indications that must be taken seriously, and perhaps a doctor can run some blood tests to see what stress the body is under that is causing these issues. Please call a doctor to get your lymph nodes examined! 

To answer your question, medication such as anitvirals typically stop the virus from shedding so the sores can start to heal. It doesn't slow the virus from healing, but more of speeds up the healing process since it stops further shedding from occuring, so the body can start healing the sores and stop making new sores. 

Supplements such as L-lysine actually work by reducing the ability of the virus to shed and produce sores, as lysine is an amino acid that blocks the virus from shedding. Because it helps stop shedding, it can help decrease recovery time (so it takes less time for the outbreak to heal, which is good). Vitamin C is a great supplement as well. I personally have never tried Olive Leaf extract, but I have heard others use it. I have never heard of these supplements causing prolonged outbreaks, as they are used to INCREASE healing speed, not decrease it. I am unsure if they have the ability to have an opposite affect, however I would talk to a doctor about it. You don't have any sores which is good, but the other symptoms typically indicate shedding is occuring, or that there is another infection going in your body. Are there any other symptoms you've noticed during the two month span, even ones that have come and gone? Also, have your periods been regular? 

I hope that this helps!! 

Sending blessings of health and happiness!!! 🌄🌼🌻





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Thank you Floweteacher for your reply.

Firstly I should say this is not me. I am asking for my partner. She is going through a terrible time.
I will try and answer your questions as best I can.

I have tested positive for HSV2 through a blood test. I have never had any symptoms to my knowledge.

About 3 weeks after being intimate with my girlfriend, she started to develop these symptoms. So the timing seems pertinent.

After about 3 weeks of increasingly severe symptoms she went to teh doctor who gave her anitvirals. They seemed to help but she suffered extreme dehydration and thirst so stopped taking them.
Her symptoms were extreme but she had no lesions. So her doctor doubted she had HSV.
She had a blood test and a scrape test (but no lesions) both of which came back negative. But these tests were within 2 months of sexual contact with me so not enough time to be accurate?

So this was her first outbreak and it hasn't stopped. It reduced for a while but has flared up. ALso, she is perimeopausal so her periods had stopped a few months before this.

She has been to the doctor about the lymph nodes and all teh symptoms but nothing conclusive has happened. This would drive me wild and from afar ( we are an interstate couple) it frustrates me and I want to go and get things happening but I can't help from here.

Thanks for the information about treatment. Interesting what you said is the opposite of what she had read. But I'm not sure where she had read it.

I am trying to support her all I can but it is very hard from over here and she is in so much pain and discomfort. I don't know what else I can do.  I will tell ehr what you told me.

Thank you.


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Oh okay, I am so sorry she is suffering!! 

Also, please know I am NOT a medical doctor. Researching online about herpes and health in general is so difficult because there are so many articles that aren't medically accurate or contain misinformation, and they also can cause so much added and unneeded stress and worry! If she is researching online, recommend the NIH, WHO, CDC, and ASHA. 

In regards to her doctors appointments, that is very frustrating indeed. The blood test could have come back negative due to not enough antibodies being present for the test to detect, so she could get another IgG blood test soon to be sure. 

HSV2 is especially painful for people with vaginas, and typically women have more extreme reactions during the first outbreak. It is possible that her sores are not visible because they are inside the vaginal cavity, and sores can also occur in the throat. Has she had any pain while urinating or swallowing? Or pain in the pelvic area or throat in general? 

The swollen lymph nodes and tingling could also be a sign of mono or another sexually transmitted illness. For example, there is a form of Chlamydia that actually causes lymphogranuloma vereneum, which causes swollen glands of the groin and sometimes the rectum, but this form of Chlamydia also starts with the presentation of sores, which she doesn't seem to have. 

Have you been experiencing any changes since having intercourse. Have you noticed any changes in your health or lymph nodes? If it is mono or another virus, it is likely that you too would be experiencing symptoms. 

If she hasn't been to an OBGYN, I highly recommend it. They would be able to do an internal exam to see any possible sores and think of what other things could be causing these swollen glands. 

I really hope that she is okay!!! Sending prayers her way 🌄❤️

-- Grace


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Thank you again Grace.

I appreciate your knowledge, whether you're a doctor or not. I will point my GF towards those sites and have a look myself.

She has another test coming up for hsv2 when it will have been three months. She hasn't had pain urinating but has had pain in the throat, especially at the beginning. Sore and burning and had trouble swallowing.
She has sore legs, back, lungs ears and lymph nodes. She gets mucous (after morning coffee) a runny nose and is run down because she is sleeping so badly due to this and the stress and anxiety it is causing. It feels like things are compounding.
Also, she has pins and needles or tingling in her hips, finger tips and lower spine. Her inner thighs ache and she has a very red sore vagina. No blisters, no fever. But she is stressed and depressed as you can imagine with this going on so long.
She did see a doctor a month ago or so. I've lost track of time. And the doctor had a look but saw no signs of any blisters. She has an appointment next week.

We both had tests for STIs before we were together and everything was clear except the hsv2 for me and hsv1 for her from when she was a kid. Neither of us had had any sexual partners for at least year.
MY hsv2 positive test was a shock. In the last 20 years I'd been with 2 women. 1 one night stand (with a condom) and my ex wife. Prior to that I'd had a few sexual partners. But I'd never had symptoms to my knowledge. I know it's possible I got it form the one night stand but I didn't have any outbreak, never had any symptoms before that and neither did my ex, that she told me of. My best guess is I got it before that and this is a very old infection, but I really don't know and don't know the value of speculating.
The main thing is I think it's safe to rule out any other STIs because we were both checked right before we were together.
I haven't experienced any symptoms or changes since intercourse. I wish I had or I wish I could take the pain for myself and leave her free. I'm very worried for her. The pain is awful and so is the stress.

Thanks again Grace.

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Aw I am so sorry for those terrible symptoms she is struggling with. She is so blessed to have your compassion and kindness, even though you are in different states! 

Honestly, it sounds a lot like mono! I had mono last year and it lasts for a while, but the symptoms align with what she's experiencing, minus the vaginal redness and issues. 

It is so nice that you and her got STI testing, and have been so open and supportive of one another through all of this. The fact that you had a one night stand, but haven't been with another person for a year before being with your girlfriend, and you were tested for STIs right before being together intimately, indicates that it's unlikely you got anything from that one night stand. It seems like your girlfriend had this sudden onset of symptoms three months ago. Did she do any traveling or come into contact with someone who has had mono or another communicable viral infection?

I am sending you both prayers and blessings!!! ❤️


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No, she had the onset of symptoms about 3 weeks after being with me, about 6 weeks ago. SHe hadn't been doing any travelling and don't know if anyone around her might have had mono (including me) but it's possible. I'm going to see if I can get a test. God I hope I haven't given her that too.

Thanks Grace.

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