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Is oral ok?

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Me and my partner both have Hsv 2. I don’t know where he breaks out at. I am on daily antivirals and he doesn’t take anything because he’s asymptotic. Can we have unprotected oral sex without worrying about the virus getting into our mouth. I have had the virus less then a year (9 months) and I’m not sure how long he has had it. I hear that you will always break out in the same place but I also hear about it spreading so I’m a little confused 

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Hello!! 🙂 

I hope you are well.

That is a great question. 

When someone has herpes, their body builds antibodies that help prevent the virus from spreading to other areas of the body. Although it is possible to spread it to areas of your body during the early stages of having herpes (your body doesn't have enough antibodies during the first outbreak and a little while after), you have had herpes for 9 months, so it would be pretty unlikely for you to somehow get it in your mouth or elsewhere. I recommenced that you ask him how long ago he thinks he contracted it. However, it must be enough time for him to build up the antibodies that would protect him from orally contracting it, since his antibody count was high enough to be detected in blood work (I am assuming that is how he found out he has it, since he is asymptomatic). I am NOT a doctor or medical professional, so definitely bring this question to your OBGYN or doctor for verified advice 🙂 

In terms of giving it to one another, if enough time has passed and you both have a large enough amount of antibodies: You and your partner both have HSV-2, which means you cannot give it to other unless you really really really tried. Like, gave a long session of oral sex on his penis that had an open, oozing sore, for example. But obviously you wouldn't want to do this anyway, as it would be painful for him and probably pretty unpleasant for you since you would be hurting the sore 😞.

In regards to where an outbreak occurs, it is in the neuropathways closest to the original outbreak spot. For example, someone with an outbreak that occurred on their genitals, their next outbreak may occur on the same genital areas, or possibly on the anus, thighs, or buttocks. 

I hope that this information helps! 🙂 

Stay well ❤️ 




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HSV-2 oral is extremely rare. Just 2% of cases are oral HSV-2.
HSV-2 really really really prefers the sacral ganglia and not the trigeminal ganglia.
You won't get oral HSV-2 and you are safe practicing oral.
Even if you get oral HSV-2, since it doesn't like the tregeminal ganglia at all, one outbreak max and that's all. Viral shedding of HSV-2 is almost 0. So, don't worry.
HSV-1 is different. It's prefered place is the tregeminal ganglia, but it can spread to the genital area when the person hasn't acquired the virus before and hasn't built inmunity (6 months-1 year). People get genital HSV-1 when their first exposure to the virus is with oral sex. 

Watch the episode with Peter Leone, a doctor and top researcher about herpes. It is in this website, and also in youtube. He talks about it. Educate yourself. Knowledge is power. 

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