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Constant herpes outbreaks

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Hooray! That is happy news. Especially that 30 different tests all came back within normal ranges! 🙂 

However, that still leaves the case unsolved of why you keep having these recurrent outbreaks.

I am not a medical professional, however I did do some quick research for you! 

According to the USA's National Institute of Health, B12 works to helps keep nerve cells healthy, and since nerve cells play a part in HSV, especially HSV-2, perhaps this could be a potential trigger? Here is the website for more reading: https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/VitaminB12-Consumer/

TSH relates to the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, however I honestly do not know how that would trigger HSV outbreaks. 

In terms of an immune condition, have you ever been tested for Lyme disease? It can cause such extreme and odd symptoms that vary for everyone. Everyone in my family actually has it, 😞 however it lays dormant for many years and can randomly pop up and trigger body responses (maybe even HSV outbreaks!)

I hope this helps! I am sending prayers your way 🙂!





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thanks @Flowerteacher55 for the reply. Yes well another appointment coming up will hopefully lead closer to some answers. 

Yes good that all the results are coming back normal. I do have suspicions that low B12 even when taking supplements shows that I have some Malobsorbtion problems. And what May be causing that May infact be triggering outbreaks too. But who knows 😬 


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There is another potential treatment for frequent outbreaks that may be worth a try. Squaric acid is an immune modulator that some herpes sufferers have found to give them some relief. It’s been studied in oral herpes but I see no reason it wouldn’t potentially help with genital herpes. 

It creates a t-cell mediated immune response that attacks the virus. One dose lasts about three months. A dermatologist should be able to prescribe it. The majority of those studied had a significant reduction in symptoms. I’ve linked the study below. 


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