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I may be viral shedding but no sores

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Hello, I wonder if someone can help me. Its going to be long winded but the nurses at the sexual health clinic did not really have any answer for me. I really appreciate this website I have read a lot of positive things on here and if I do have herpes life will go on I'm just really down with myself for getting myself in this position knowing she had a open cold sore. 

I slept with a woman I'm male and had unprotected vaginal intercourse, also I gave oral sex to her but I did not allow her to give me oral sex. The problem is she had a cold sore on her lip at the time so I said lets just not kiss. I was drunk but know for sure we didn't kiss. During this she did touch me down below with her hands and I did see her all evening touching her cold sore. 

went to bed and that was it. 2 days later I had real burning/soreness on the skin of my scrotum in 2 specific places under my sack on one side about the size of a 50p piece painful enough to cause me to walk slower due to the discomfort. Also under were the penis hangs down. just really red, no open sores or bumps. Also discomfort and pain in bladder so had to go wee 3 times in the night. Also discomfort itchyness/sharp pain in the urethra no burning when I pee though. and what felt like a bit of nerve pain as well in those locations. Also kept getting itchy/sharp/achy pains in the side of my penis shaft now this went on for i have counted 11 days and no sores have shown up but felt like I was waiting for them to. it has now subsided almost completley. Im concerned that this was an outbreak without sores as it was unlike anything I have ever had before. The woman I slept with said she has never had sores down below or “infected anyone else” her words and she was sorry if she has given me something. I don't believe she has ever been tested for herpes and just puts up with cold sores. The sexual health clinic screened me for everything which was negative apart from herpes as they say if there is no open sores they cant test for it. They said come back if sores show up and sent me on my way. My dating life is now on hold as Im concerned I might have an outbreak and get sores this time and potentially infect someone else. I have been looking at the likely hood of sexual intercourse without a condom it does not seem very likely that I would get it if she has hsv-1 in the mouth but my symptoms being in specific positions on my genital skin says otherwise. I hope anyone on here can tell me what the best thing to do is as the clinic have said they don't test without sores. I feel alot better now the pain has subsided I thought it would never end but stuck as to what to do now. I was just getting myself in the position to go out dating again and had one silly night with a woman and now feel as though  my life has screeched to a halt. 
thanks people. 

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First, I am so sorry you've been experiencing such pain. You don't deserve that at all. 

Second, thank you for sharing your honest story. There is no shame here, we are all open and kind and aim to help you in all ways we can. 

From what you described, it seems like you definitely have a dermatological condition going on, where that is herpes or not, only a test could tell since you don't have open/active sores. The thing is, even if you did have sores, getting a swab test would most likely produce a false negative since swab testing is really only helpful during the first 48 hours a sore is present. Even then, swabbing can result in false negatives since it's prone to human better; if not enough virus is swabbed then it will come back as negative! 

This being said, I recommend getting an IgM blood test. IgM antibodies show up in blood first, however they do tend to decrease quickly as time passes. You could get an IgM test since it has been only 11 days. After 12+ weeks, get an IgG blood test. IgG antibodies appear 12+ more weeks after the point of exposure. There are chances of false negatives is someone takes the IgG test too soon, as they may not have detectable amounts of antibodies. So, 12 or more weeks is the typical recommendation to wait prior to getting an IgG test. 

I am so sorry that the clinic refused to test you or offer any other helpful support or advice. It is great that you reached out to the girl and asked her about it. If anything, I'm sure she feels terrible if she did transmit it to you. 

I have a few questions to better help:

Do you know if she has HSV-1 or HSV-2? Do you recall her at any point touching her cold sore and then touching your body? Do you recall if her sore was crusted over, or leaking fluids? 

Also, has she been tested for any other STIs? Other STIs can produce skin irritation, painful cramping, urge to urinate, and additional symptoms, even though you were tested for them already at the clinic. It may be helpful for her to be tested for anything else and perhaps get blood work done for her own health and wellbeing. 

Also, it is possible she has herpes in another body location, such as genitally, as well. You can have both types of HSV. She has one type of HSV (we don't know which kind) on her lip, but since she's never been tested, it is possible she also has another form of HSV, and this could be located genitally. Women can have herpes sores, viral shedding, and symptomatic and asymptomatic outbreaks inside and outside the vaginal cavity. If she has asymptomatic genital herpes, it is possible she could have been virally shedding (unknown to her, of course, it's asymptomatic!) and then you had vaginal intercourse, and then contracted HSV that way. That would also explain the painful urethral burning and bladder pain, as men can get HSV sores inside the urethral opening. 

I hope this helps!! I am praying for you ☺️



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Hi Grace, you are wise beyond your years, thanks very much for the response its given me something to work with. If it has all calmed down can I be pretty sure that the next time it flares up the same thing will happen no sores but just less uncomfortable? I heard the second outbreak is not as intense if it is. Unfortunately it all fits too well the fact she has cold sores and now Im having symptoms similar to herpes days afterwards Im just gutted I was drunk and let it happen. 
Its difficult to see what else would cause such pain in the areas it has tbh. 
I asked her tonight if she has ever been tested for herpes and she said no so I wont get a type unfortunately. she said she has never had an outbreak on her vagina or has she ever had a partner say he has picked up herpes from her. I find it difficult to trust people so naturally am finding it hard to trust her word on that. 

Unfortunatley I could not remember or see what condition the sore was in on her lip but I think she had had it for over a week already so may have been crusted over. I don't remember her touching her lips then touching my genitals straight away, but I do know she did touch my genitals with her hands. 
I have not asked if she has been tested for other things as don't want to keep on at her. Im going to retest for everything after 2 weeks for the incubation period for other sti’s to end. 
what other sti’s can cause that sort of skin irritation? Sorry I know your not a doc but if you have knowledge of other things that may have caused it would be good for me to look them up but unfortunately this does seem too much like HSV.

thats the strange thing it did not burn badly it was discomfort/itchyness in the urthra when I wee’d and Im thinking if it was a open sore in the urethra it would be alot more painful to wee. Just to add to the symptoms I have been having headaches on and off for 2 weeks now and have felt my neck lymph nodes swell and be painful at times. So it is a strange one my body is fighting something. I feel its just a guessing game by the evidence as the testing from what you have said is going to be quite difficult to detect it at the right time. This is a terrible situation to be in Im proper in Limbo with my life now. 

i have more questions if you could be so kind 
how likely am I to get open sores now this has calmed down? Also am I likely to get open sores on a second outbreak if I did not get any on the first outbreak?  
 From what you have learned about HSV if she shows open sores on her lips would it be more likely she would show sores on her vagina due to the way her body reacts to the virus? 

I am really happy I have you and this forum to speak to as the last 14 days or so have been some of the toughest of my life. Thanks again. And bless you for helping me.
It really got me when I read your post about the army guy that things didn't work out with bless you I can tell by everything you have written to people you are a kind a thoughtful person and if you have not yet you will find your a lid to your pan, as marisa peer says. 

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Thank you for your kind words. I'm happy to help! 

To answer your questions...

1. If you have herpes, yes, typically the next future outbreaks or instances of shedding will be less intense than the first primary exposure. Although you didn't see sores (just the redness), it is possible next time the virus is active, it will shed and you'll feel the physical symptoms (rash, pain when walking, redness, tiredness, headache, nerve pain) and no sores, or you may get symptoms and sores. Regardless, use those symptoms you felt this first time as "warning flags" that you are actively shedding the virus (don't just wait for sores to show up to start using precaution). During these times, you wouldn't have sex or be intimate with that region of the body. 

2. Herpes doesn't travel in your body. If you have herpes in your mouth, it doesn't appear in your genitals. However, someone can have both types of herpes, each on different parts of their body. (You can have the same strain of the virus at different sites of the body but it's very rare, as your body builds up antibodies to the strain you have). She has herpes orally. She MAY have herpes on her genitals, which is a possible way you got it. However she doesn't know which type(s) she has. If she got a blood test and it said she had both strains of the virus, and she got a sore on her mouth swabbed, and that came up as one strain, then the question of "well where is the other strain located 🧐?" And that brings us to perhaps the second strain in the lower region. However, the above is all a hypothetical hypothesis based on deductive reasoning. Sorry to be confusing!! For right now, it seems that perhaps somehow her oral sore transmitted herpes to you. 

3. You are very kind to not pester the girl. You have empathy and compassion, and you know that obviously she probably feels terrible that you have symptoms. The fact that you aren't badgering her is very kind. Balancing self-advocation and answer-seeking with gentleness and empathy is a skill more people in this world need to have!! 

4. The fact that your lymph nodes were swollen is an indicator that it was most likely herpes, as that's a common symptom. We're the lymph nodes near your hips/groin swollen? And also did you experience any neurological pain or tingling that was either constant or came and went? Did the tingles shoot to other parts of the body (legs, back buttocks, etc?). 

5. Other STIs that may cause the full set of the exact range of symptoms you explained... I honestly have no idea. There are many STIs that match up to some of your symptoms, but the combination of all of yours seem to align with herpes. I recommend getting an IgG test in 12+ weeks. I know testing in the UK can be difficult to obtain, but perhaps a health clinic can help.

5. ☀️☀️ (The most important thing!) ☀️☀️ Your life is not over. Love is the strongest force on the planet, this includes self love! Love cannot be broken by a common virus that most human being have. This virus doesn't determine who you are; it doesn't make you bad or dirty or any less of deserving love and happiness. It is just a a part of being a human. 

Be kind to yourself, and be kind to your body. It isn't trying to betray you, it's trying to help you and is working to help adapt to this new virus. 

It's going to be okay! The first few weeks and first outbreak are so scary, but I promise it will be okay. If you need support, post on the forum. You don't need to go through this alone. 

Stay strong! We are all here for you! 🌄 

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Ok I will keep an eye out for prodromal symptoms, I think the biggest fear is getting open sores because of images Ive seen of google and dont want to have the pain of them aswell. Im just hoping it will only ever be a bit of discomfort down there but less than last time. Or hopefully never have an outbreak again I have heard that happens too? If I do be aware of those prodromal symptoms showing up again how long will I need to wait from feeling them to it being over to have sex safely again? 

yes for her to have oral herpes and saying she never had anything below means it must have spread from her mouth to my lower regions during the sex possibly through her hands.

Need a vent here either way I am disappointed with myself knowing she had at least one strain and we were just friends I had no need to sleep with her so caught herpes from one drunken night of stupidity. I had a beautiful gf in my life for 7 months and she left me. Ive dated lots of girls but  I thought she was the one that I could marry and settle down with, Ive never had my heart broken before. So I said to myself I wouldn't let that happen again in my life so I started self improvement for 3 months confidence, self asteem, relationship dynamics etc. I had been gyming loads and got really fit and healthy.  I have been working on making myself a better person so I never have my heart broken again and now after all that hard work I feel like I cant go out dating normally again because now this has happened I cant believe it. The universe is cruel. I try to remain ok about this situation but its really got me down. Thanks for your support it is well needed and appreciated. 

the lymph nodes in my groin feel about pea size not huge so don't know if thats normally like that or not they dont show as lumps on the skin and the nurse did check that in the clinic and said the lymph nodes were not swollen. it does just seem to be in the neck with the lymph nodes but I have had lower back pain that I thought was my kidneys being painful and conected to my bladder/wee issues and I have had nerve pain on and off down my right leg into the back of my knee and diff parts of my left leg never tingeling just aching like deep inside the leg not for long maybe minute or so here and there.

Thank you I really hope this is going to be ok, Ive never felt this lonely in my whole life. 


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A good thing to do to reduce anxiety and worry is to not google, trust me. We are so blessed to have the internet at our fingertips, but it can also lead to us going down the rabbit hole of worry and googling, and we find ourselves inspecting our bodies saying "COULD THIS BE HERPES?! SOMEONE ON REDDIT SAID SO!" and it's literally just a freckle. 

In terms of the lymph nodes, it makes sense that the swelling was in the neck. The neck ones are common to swell during the presence of a new foreign virus. The small bursts of pain you described sound like nerve pain, as they were short and lasted for only a minute or so, and happened randomly. The aching deep inside the leg could be aches similar to the ones we get when we get the flu. The first outbreak can actually cause flu-like symptoms such as aches, a fever, etc.  

Alcohol really does complicate things, and it is possible that she gave you oral sex and maybe you or her don't remember.

In terms of your friendship, intimacy does complicate things. Especially during COVID and being locked inside and dealing with so much stress, people are eager to get back into the dating and intimacy world. 

I am so sorry about your heartbreak. Heartbreak is so hard. Please know that you are strong and there are so many wonderful human in the world, and there is one for you, too! Have faith, friend!

It's great that you worked on yourself after the heartbreak. Self-love is so important, and it shows self-respect and self-kindness. A key foundation of love is respect, so respecting yourself is SO important, too! ❤️

Please know that you are good enough just the way you are. The way people treat us is a reflection of who they are, not who we are. If someone wants to end things or doesn't see us the way we see them, then it's better to break it off, because you deserve to be with someone who sees you for a wonderful blessing you are. And a true blessing of a person wouldn't be turned off by your common virus. You can 110% still find love and intimacy with herpes! ❤️ If anything, herpes acts as a magical sorter of people... the chumps who are judgmental aren't the type of people you'd want anyways! When you disclose to someone you have HSV, you learn so much about that person. You see if they are kind, logical, accepting, see you for more than just physical connection, and more! It's such a blessing in disguise, but a blessing none the less. 

Stay strong and be kind to yourself. You will make it through this.




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Thankyou for your kind words, it really helps to talk to someone about this.
I will try and have faith but it is difficult at the moment. 
I cant be mad at the woman that gave it to me because she is a nice person but also feel she is a bit blazee with he herpes judging by some of her comments will have to see how the friendship unfolds. 

unfortunately I now have constant headaches and what feels like nerve pain in the buttocks it like a dull ache when Im sitting so yet more symptoms, the burning on the skin on the locations described before on the scrotum skin and itchiness on the shaft of the penis keeps coming and going I just want this first outbreak to end if it all stopped I would be alot more optimistic.  Im not going to find out what this is anytime soon. Part of me is hoping its a skin condition that can be solved with a cream and it was all a misdiagnosis but it just does not seem likely anymore. I do appreciate all the advice and help you have put to me. I don't want to take up to much of your time. If there is anything I can do to help you or you feeling down I am always here just drop a message. 


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Don't apologize!! You are not a burden, no one is!! 

I am so sorry you are physically feeling ill. You don't deserve that. I am also sorry your friend isn't being as supportive as you'd like. Remember how someone treats you is a reflection of them. 

To help with the skin irritation, you can put cold or ice water in a spray bottle and spray it on the skin, especially if it's burning. The mist will help cool it down. Also, your body can't feel temperature and pain simultaneously (hence the wonders of icy hot sports cream!) 

If you wanted a second clinic opinion and rule out any other possible dermatological diagnoses, you could make an appointment with a dermatologist. They could examine the skin and even take a skin sample for further examination. 

To help with the headaches, Tylenol could help. Make sure you are hydrated, too. I know during such stressful times we often don't have motivation to eat or drink, but your body needs fuel to function and process these new body changes. 

For the nerve pain, Tylenol may help, or you could try a heating pad/hot water pack or an icepack; whichever feels better for you. If you can, keep a log of your symptoms and the times they occur and the triggers of the symptoms. This log can help you monitor your symptoms and if this is HSV, you'll be able to identify possible future prodrome symptoms. Also, it gives the doctor a better idea of what you have been experiencing, and they can use your data to help them piece together what's going on.

I am so sorry you are struggling. Keep on keeping on. You are a blessing and the world needs you. I know it is so hard to be positive right now, and it's okay to be angry, sad, or confused, or other emotions. Let them out in a healthy way. Your feelings are valid, and you deserve to let them out, whether that be by talking, having a good cry, watching TV, going for a drive somewhere scenic, doing yoga, or hugging your pet. Just take out your feelings in a healthy, positive way. 

Hang in there. We are all here for you!! When this is all over, you'll look back and realize that you are so much stronger than you ever knew!! ☺️

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Yea feeling Ill is not helping the situation. I will defo start using a cold compress/ice pack. whats weird is paracetamol and Ibuprofen is not touching the headaches. 
I have just tonight found a website you can send photos into to get a diagnosis they are dermatologists so I can see what they come back with. Will be going to a doc as well. your healthcare system in the states seems so much more thorough and professional than the uk I dont know why. 
I will keep a log and see how it goes the nerve pain in the back of the thighs and buttocks is really bad tonight with pins and needles now aswell 🤦🏻‍♂️ really not what I wanted. 

yea Im just going to keep on going and see where I end up. Anyone got a dog they can lend me to hug? Ha. My humour is still there at least. 

Im so grateful for this forum and your help

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Oh gosh, that's not good! The headache could be linked to other causes, too. Herpes can cause headaches, but also stress, dehydration, eye strain, sinus pressure and allergies, and so much more can cause them.

An interesting way to figure out how to best help your headache is to identify where the headache is coming from. Here is a picture!

Types Of Headache Illustrated On A Woman Face | Headache types, Headache  treatment, Natural headache remedies 

There are different pressure points that help reduce pain depending on the headache type, too. 

USA healthcare is extremely varied depending on where someone lives, their socioeconomic status, their job, and so many other factors, such as race, language, and gender (we have many inequality issues surrounding healthcare!). Luckily, there are many free clinics and clinics like Planned Parenthood, who not only provide services at reduced and even free rates, but they also do education and outreach as well. I pray your appointment goes well, and it is so cool that you found a site that offers photo diagnostics by dermatologists! That's great. Also, this site actually allows you to submit photos (just the sore(s) and small area of skin around it, nothing else), but we are not doctors or medical professionals, especially not me. So, perhaps submitting the photo to the dermatologist site would be more helpful! Just make sure the site is verified to be trustworthy, and that the people are licensed practicing dermatologists. There are so many online scams these days, and many people lie online!

I hope you find a critter to hug (stuffed animals are also a great second option)! 🧸

Humor is so healing, and laughter really can help us get through such hard times. Keep laughing and stay strong! 




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thanks very much thats a handy picture that,  Ive saved it. Mine is the neck related one. Yea they seem to be legit so Hopefully they will be able to tell me whats up. 
my friend actually tested positive for covid-19 6 days after we had sex and Im guessing she picked it up from the bars we went to. I didn't test positive but haven't been tested since 6days after.  I wonder if I have had flu like symptoms due to covid guess I should do another lateral flow test really. I may even book in for a pcr test as I don't really trust the lateral flow tests as much.

Thanks for the help 🙂

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Aw, I hope your neck headache feels better soon! 

Also, I am so sorry that your friend tested positive!! I hope she is okay. I also hope you are okay, too!! Some of the symptoms you mentioned do align with Covid, so it would be a great idea to get another test. 

Are you vaccinated? If so, the USA CDC says waiting 3-5 days before getting tested after exposure is a good rule of thumb. You should wear a mask when inside public spaces for 14 days, or until you get a negative result. Whether you are vaccinated or not, it would be a good idea to definitely get another Covid test after waiting a few more days, as getting a false negative is possible when tested too soon after exposure. 

Feel better! ☺️

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Thank you so do I. 
Hmm that may be why I tested negative I'm defo going to do a lateral flow when I get home. Ive got a bit sidetracked from H here but it may be whats causing some of the flu symptoms. I could even have got H and covid at the same time 👎🏻. Will update with the result. 
🙂 thanks for you kindess. 

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Hi Im back, well tested negative for covid but still have redness and at times burning on the scrotum pretty much all over very sensitive pointing at nerve issues IE herpes. but no open sores . Steroid cream the doc gave me did not work. If anything it made it worse. I just wonder if there are any males on here that have had that as a first herpes outbreak? The deep nerve pain on my buttocks and back of the legs is still persisting. Its not tingely but instead its a dull ache. Not very pleasent. Headaches are on and off now. Had these symptoms for a good 3 weeks now just wondering if it will ever end. The fatiuge has been bad too needing to fall asleep at work alot and lymph nodes all over my body in all locations have been giving pain which is worrying too. I do wonder if it could be something else. I know this is all a guessing game but it helps me mentally to talk about how I am on here. Had my friend tested for Hiv and she is negative so its not that either. 



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  • mr_hopp changed the title to I may be viral shedding but no sores


It's great you tested negative for COVID! 

I am so sorry that you have these persistent symptoms. It's great that your friend got tested for HIV, and it's wonderful her results were negative. 

In regards to your symptoms, the painful lymph nodes and chronic fatigue, as well as the need to fall asleep at work, are major sings that your body is actively fighting an infection or virus of some kind, herpes or another or a combination of both. The aching back and legs sounds like it's herpes-related, but the fatigue, lymph nodes, and sleep urges sound like there's something else going on.

Have you been tested for mononucleosis? They call it "sleeping sickness" because you are just exhausted and feel the need to sleep a lot. 

The fact that the topical steroid cream worsened your skin symptoms isn't good, either. Did you contact the prescribing doctor and tell them the cream seemed to make the symptoms worse? Also, have you told the/a doctor of the chronic fatigue, lymphatic pain, sleepiness and falling asleep at work, and other symptoms? Definitely you need some additional support here!! 

Sending you blessings and praying for your health!! ❤️🌄


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I have been to see the doc and they are going to prescribe some cream and see how that goes a diff one to before. Amazingly symptoms have calmed down a bit today still there but less severe. I have not tested for mono no. They have not offered it either. I have no sore throat or swollen tonsils so its unlikely to be mono. 

I think the primary stage is coming to an end Im pretty convinced this is herpes been feeling awful and the skin down below has been sensitive and red when it never has been before. The stages of testing seems very sketchy with lots of risk of false negatives so Im going to have to test once antibodies are present. Will that be in 12 weeks? Im going to abstain from sex till then and also see if this flares up again. Its been a awful 3 weeks of pain and worry. 
thankyou for the prayers and your kind help 🙂 

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Hooray! It's great that the symptoms have calmed down. 

Yes, testing at 12+ weeks is the minimum week amount for antibodies to be present. For some, it may take longer. So, if you wanted to wait an extra week or two (13 or 14 weeks) that would be fine, too. 

Good idea to abstain from physical intimacy. Not only is it a good idea because you haven't had the antibody test yet, but also because that area is sore and is still recovering. Allowing the body healing time is SO important!! 

Stay well!! 

Sending blessings and prayers your way 🌻🌄!!

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Ok I will test at 12 weeks. I have a question please. After the primary outbreak when the symptoms subside  do the symptoms completly go without a trace and you should not notice anything at all until the next outbreak? I ask because even thought the symptoms have mainly gone sometimes Im having days where it’s uncomfortable around the penis and scrotum and the skin is still sensitive. Should this be the case is the primary infection has finished? Also the discomfort in the bladder and urethra is still persisting.  This is going to be so draining if I have this for the rest of my life
thanks for your help and knowledge. 

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Great question. 

Sometimes, symptoms linger even after the primary outbreak, as the sores may have left new which is sensitive. Sensitive skin and/or different colored skin may be present. 

Some people have lasting nerve damage from their herpes, which can be called herpetic neuralgia. For some it is a constant dull ache, and others may experience persistent tingling that can travel to the legs, thighs, groin, etc. 

I am so sorry it is still painful to go to the bathroom.  For those who may have had internal sores or sores near or in the urethral cavity, bladder pain or pain while urinating can persist as well. For me personally, it is still hard for me to hold in pee. It feel like I really have to try to hold it in, but even then it is so painful and then finally going feels like my bladder is pinched and just deflated. Although I don't know for sure if my herpes caused this, it started after my first outbreak, and I had internal vaginal sores, so maybe they also impacted my bladder/urethral cavity.

Overall, remember that your body just went through a stressful event, having to build antibodies for this new foreign virus. Your skin suffered, your bladder suffered, and mental health stress occurred as well. While the body is so strong and adapts to change, it takes a little bit of time. Be patient with yourself and monitor your progress and symptoms improvement. If you notice the bladder and urethral discomfort persisting or worsening, bring it to the attention of your doctor. If you notice the skin discomfort around the penis/scrotum getting worse or persisting, also bring that to the attention of your doctor. 

Your health matters! Never be afraid to speak up and tell your doctor your concerns. Asking for a physical exam or a follow up is always a good idea. 

I hope this helps!! Sending blessings of health your way! 

Take care! 





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Hey so I am freaking out. I had unprotected sex with a guy I was talking to (condom broke). I have been freaking out. The next day I went to my doctor to tell her what happened. She tested me and treated me for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Friday night I started experiencing vaginal burning and clumpy white discharge. I also shaved Thursday which I never do and  not sure If I have a razor burn from that. I dont see any lesions or bumps but the area in the crease of my vagina and thigh hurt. I took fluconzale yesterday for my yeast infection but it still slightly burns and is irritated . My doctor said due to The strong dose of antibiotics it could be a yeast infection but I am so scared..could this be herpes? Or am I going crazy. Now 4 days since exposure with no blisters, no itchiness really, besides from the stubble growing back from shaving which is similiar to how I remember when I used to shave. Is it possible to have burning for 3 days without a blister,pimple, or sore appearing?  

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Hello again, I have been really struggeling unfortunately these symptoms have been persisting for 5 weeks now lymph node pain in all locations neck armpits shoulders groin etc nerve pain in bum and legs. Headaches seem to have gone strangely! Fatigue and general unwell feeling is on and off and thats whats getting me down alot aswell. the doctor has now put me on acyclovir tablets 400mg 3 times a day. I have been taking them for 3 days now and have not really seen a change should I have by now? Also I am having nerve pain in my buttocks and legs the last 2 days that is really uncomfortable. Do you think the 400mg is enough? Is it possible I dont have herpes and thats why the medication is not seeming to work? 
like most people that post here I am getting the feelings this wont ever end. Sorry for being such a debbie downer but this is draining me alot. 
I hope someone can help with this. 
thanks 🙏 

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