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I recently found out that a girl I have started dating has HSV2 it was a bit of a shock at first but I really like the girl and I can see an amazing future so it doesn't really bother me. We have both agreed to go slow so we can really get a feel for our longevity. If this is the girl I settle down and stay with then I don't care about the risks because it really doesn't matter. I just dont want to be in a situation where I catch it and then we split. 

She is waiting to go onto suppressive medication and I'll use condoms at the start to lower the risk untill we're both really sure that we are right for each other. Until she gets the medication I can obviously please her in other ways.


My question is this, since I already have HSV1 orally, could I also catch HSV2 orally or will the HSV1 protect me. Im aware that you can catch both but I don't know if you can catch both at the same site.


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I hope you are well.

First, I love how kind and receptive you were to her when she disclosed such sensitive information to you. It is so awesome that you both have decided to take things slow to get a feel for your longevity (the wording of that is so sweet!)

Second, awesome choice in choosing to use protection. Safe sex is happy sex! Her choice of going on suppressive medication can significantly lower transmission risks. While it doesn't prevent possible risks of transmission, studies show it does help so many people and couples stay safe/safer!

To answer your question, you can catch both at the same site and/or at different regions of the body. Overall, studies seem to show that those with HSV-1 who later contract HSV-2 have a tendency to have less severe symptoms than people who do not have HSV-1 antibodies. I will provide you the link to the scientifically-researched articles, too! 🙂 

Also, Studies have shown that people with HSV-1 who contract HSV-2 are less likely to show symptoms at all when they catch it, meaning they are usually asymptomatic (they would not get symptoms when they get it and probably wouldn't know they had it). This is especially more common in men/people with penises.  

I hope this helps! 

Blessings to you and your partner! 

-- Grace

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