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Any ideas

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I have been recovering from several surgeries and have been on powerful antibiotics for several months. These antibiotics are normally given through Iv methods only. I found out my wife of 10years cheated on me in February and we are getting a divorce. Last week while doing my annual physical I asked for a full work up. I know she has type 1 as she fights fever blisters in the winter so I expected to see that on the results. Instead I was shown negative for one and positive for 2. 38.7 index score. Now neither one of us has ever had a sign or symptom. And still don’t. We have had a great sex life never going more than 3 days without sex. That was a rare event. We have children together so I just can’t imagine that I would have this and she doesn’t. Could the high levels of medication I’m taking to fight this bacterial infection (13 strains of bacteria in the wound) trigger a false positive result. Just kinda confused I was told to retest after being off the meds for at least one month but I’m really kinda freaking out 

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First, I hope you are doing well physically and have been recovering well.

I am so sorry to hear that you are getting a divorce. That is very difficult. I am sorry that your wife cheated on you, too. My own mom has been divorced, and it can be hard on the children. 

I am not a medical professional, so honestly I am unsure if antibiotics would have an affect on the antibody count for HSV antibodies. However, I will do some scholarly research and get back to you!! ☺️

If a virologist who is your friend said it is due to the antibiotics, that is a good sign, and considering herpes is a virus, I'm sure the virologist has a good idea of what can affect it!

The PA most likely sent in the script because it's protocol, however did she say you should take them as a suppressent? You aren't having an active outbreak right now (not have you ever, which it sounds like you're saying), so it wouldn't make sense for her to send a script for just a week's worth of antivirals, as that would be used for an outbreak.

Has your wife ever been tested for HSV-2?

Also, Which type of test did you get? An IgG? You could also retest when you are finished the antibiotics, too. 

I am so sorry that you are under such stress. Please know we are all here for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers! ❤️




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Blood test   She thought her OB did that with yearly but she called to confirm and they told her they never test with out symptoms as it can cause anxiety for no reason. The pa said it was to be for suppression therapy going forward it’s like 60 pills 2per day and has 3 refills. Maybe like management 

but no itching, burning sores nothing ever  and this happened in February and I bet we’ve still had sex almost daily since I guess it was hysterical bonding and last time was 2weeks ago.  Just really flipping out that she may have burned me in all aspects of life 

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I'm so sorry for your struggles. You don't deserve this at all! 

Yes, herpes tests are NOT part of a routine STI check. They have to be specifically asked for, and even then doctors are often hesitant to write a slip for bloodwork for HSV testing unless symptoms are present. It's very frustrating! 

Some blood test information: there are two main antibodies tested for herpes: IgG and IgM. It takes 12 or more weeks for IgG antibodies to show up in someone's blood. IgG antibodies stay in your system for lofe. IgM antibodies are the first to show up in blood, but they disappear in number as time passes. This is why waiting for an IgG test is preferred, as IgG antibodies stay with you forever, even though it takes 12+ weeks for the antibodies to build to a detectable number. And, remember, with both tests, false positives and negatives are of course possible. 

Is it possible your wife got it from the person in February? And then she passed it to you? Obviously, that's just a hypothesis. Don't accuse or blame right now, as it doesn't help anyone at all. However, you could ask her if she could get an IgG blood test to verify she doesn't have HSV-2, and/or she could reach out to the person from February and ask them if they have ever shown HSV symptoms. It's uncomfortable to talk to her about this, I'm sure, but if you treat it as an adult, medical-based conversation, it should be okay. Plus, your health matters. You have had surgeries and are on antibiotics. If things get heated, explain that you are worried about your health and need to figure it out for your own mental and physical wellbeing. ❤️

Please know you are not alone, and even if you do have HSV, your life isn't over. It doesn't define you! It is a common virus. 

Stay strong! Feel free to vent on this forum! We are here to listen and support you. 🌄

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Thank you.  I’m pretty sure that is what happened but she’s in senile on lots of things right now We’ve talked and she doesn’t think it’s possible without any symptoms. She wants to wait until I go back after I’ve been off the antibiotics because she’s not concerned. Just with me seemingly losing everything here lately this would be the icing on the cake. 

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I’m trying my hardest but I can’t seem to catch a break. This was honestly the last thing on my mind I thought they were calling to tell me my cholesterol was high or something normal not that the love of my life has destroyed our family and my chances for a happy life. Down the road. I can’t I’m good conscious ever be with anyone else and take the chance on putting them through this shit.   It sounds like I’m screwed even a false positive likely wouldn’t show antibody levels that high or at least I wouldn’t think. All the posts I’ve seen are at most 4 mine was 38.7  I really feel like it’s over and I’m holding on to false hope 

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I totally understand. 

Please know that even with herpes, you can still have intimacy and beautiful relationships.

Yes, that is a good point about your immune system being under stress already, and how that could influence the severity and presentation of symptoms in general. 

Hang in there. We are here for you!! 🌄



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Hey man, sorry about what you’re going through. When it rains it pours. At least you have a little hope that it could be a result of the medication. I know it’s not much but at least you have that.

There’s nothing fun or good about this. But where there’s a will there’s a way and if you want happiness, man up, be strong and make it happen.

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So it seems you tested positive for HSV-1, which makes sense because your wife has HSV-1, and HSV-1 is very very common. 

It says your HSV-2 IgG was less than .90, which means negative. So it seems you are negative for HSV-2. 

Did you ask a nurse/doctor to verify the meanings of the results? That might help clarify things!!! ☺️


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