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Could this mean Herpes?

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Hey so I am freaking out. I had unprotected sex with a guy I was talking to (condom broke). I have been freaking out. The next day I went to my doctor to tell her what happened. She tested me and treated me for chlamydia and gonorrhea. Friday night I started experiencing vaginal burning and clumpy white discharge. I figures yeast infection from antibiotics she gave.I also shaved Thursday which I never do and  not sure If I have a razor burn from that. I dont see any lesions or bumps but the area in the crease of my vagina and thigh feels irritated. I took fluconzale yesterday for my yeast infection & it vagina still slightly burns .could this be herpes? Or am I going crazy. Now 4 days since exposure with no blisters, and I have been burning since friday night and still nothing

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I am so sorry you are so stressed. Take a moment and breathe. It will be okay ❤️ We are here to help you!

Having a condom break is SO scary. It's especially frustrating because you actually were having protected sex, but the condom broke! That isn't your fault. 

You said your doctor tested you for chlamydia and gonorrhea, and then prescribed antibiotics. Did the tests come back positive for both of those, or did she just give the antibiotics to you for a "just in case take them anyway" situation?

The vaginal burning and clumpy white discharge could indicate many possible things, including gonorrhea or a yeast infection. It could be from chlamydia, although that discharge is usually more yellow in color. Antibiotics are notorious for killing good bacteria that keep our guts in check, and of course, our vaginas in check. Antibiotics can actually cause yeast infections! 

Razor burn is definitely possible, especially if you rarely shave. As the hairs start to grow back, it can be plain uncomfortable and lead to ingrown hairs. But, it will be okay! 

The irritation in the creases of the thighs and the vagina could be from shaving, as there is a lot of friction from undies/clothing, walking/moving, and from sex, and the hairs typically protect these areas from chafing. As the hair starts to grow back, it can be very itchy and not fun 😞.

Herpes would look like the formation of blisters or raised red bumps, which eventually would ooze and then crust over. Along with that, you would most likely feel an onset of symptoms of any of or a combination of any of the following: tingling from lower back/spine that may travel to the legs or thighs, headache, fever, itching, burning, tiredness, aches, etc.   

Have you had any other symptoms? From what you described, it sounds like you aren't showing any herpes symptoms besides the irritation in the skin creases. However, it is good to monitor symptoms in case anything new arises 🙂.

The reason you still feel burning down there could be from the yeast infection, or from the chlamydia/gonorrhea (Did you test positive for both of those?). Antibiotics take a little bit to solve the issue at hand, so the irritations the infections cause may linger while you are still on the antibiotics. Are you still taking the antibiotics?  

Also, has that partner been tested for any STI's? Do you know if they have herpes or a history of STI's? The person should know that they had chlamydia and or gonorrhea so they can also get the proper treatment. 

I am so sorry you had to go through all of this. Please know you are not bad or dirty or less than any other human. You are pure, clean, and deserving of love! Stay well, and please reach out with any more questions ❤️ 

Sending blessings and prayers your way! ❤️ 



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Thank you so much for that! The razor burn started Friday and has actually subsided now. 

My doctor treated me as a "just in case" since I went the day after exposure she said it wouldn't show up on any test but wants me to get tested again in a couple weeks.

i currently do not have any blisters or lesions, just a burning sensation that is more apparent after I pee... I also believe I have a allergy to the spermicide on condoms. This was my first time with a new partner in 10 years and it reminded me of how I felt when I used them with my ex.


i was just worried because I feel like the burning and vaginal dryness/discharge overcompensated the slight itching I got.. everyone kept telling me yeast infections shouldnt burn... I also think I may gave a UTI because everytime I try to pee only a little comes out... could all this be caused from the antibiotics my doctor gave me? I don't have any flu like symptoms but when should I expect herpes symptoms to appear? As its been almost 5 days now... he is acting weird and when I asked when he was tested last he said he "has to go" which tells me its been awhile.. so I told him to let me know when he gets tested and decided to take care of myself. 

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I'm happy the razor burn subsided. Typically, a herpes outbreak wouldn't subside, and would gradually get more intense as time passes. The primary outbreak usually has a pretty quick onset, and then the symptoms plateau as the sores arrive and are painful, and then start to heal and eventually go away (imagine the bell curve graph). After first exposure, if someone has a symptomatic outbreak, it typically takes anywhere from 2-20 days for the sores/symptoms to appear. For others, they are asymptomatic, and do not show any symptoms when they contract it. Asymptomatic tendencies are more likely in people with penises, however all genders can be asymptomatic. 

The prescription of the preemptive antibiotics definitely could be the reason why you are experiencing some issues down there, especially if you didn't need the antibiotics in the first place and you were not exposed to gonorrhea or clamydia. 

A yeast infection can feel uncomfortable, and can cause burning, itching, and/or redness of the labial and vaginal area(s).

If this is your first intimate experience in 10 years, a UTI is totally possible, as the movement of different bacterias into the vagina and urethra can cause a UTI. I got a UTI after the first time I had sex. Because the vagina is close in proximity to the anus, it's common for a UTI to happen from sex. 

Allergies to condoms and spermicides are definitely a thing. If it helps, using natural condoms could be a solution. Also, there are internal condoms which are inserted into the vagina and remains in place via a rubber ring that lays against the cervix, and I believe these are often latex and spermicide free. 

It is great you told him about everything, and I hope he gets tested for his both your and his own own health and wellbeing. 

I am praying for you! Everything will be okay. Hang in there 🌄




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That's great. 

Ask for an IgG blood test, as they are better than IgM tests.

However, Herpes IgG antibodies do not build up to detectable amounts in your blood until about 12 weeks from the date of possible exposure. 

I know it's so hard to wait!!  However, 12+ weeks reduces risk of false negatives from occuring. 

Sending prayers and happiness your way!! 🌄

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So today it seems like I have a little red irritation on my right labia... and I am still burning slightly down there. It subsided a little yesterday but today I was sitting in my 4 hour lecture and it was very uncomfortable. I have been experiencing this since Friday now but still no blisters, it rarely itches, and no tingling sensation... when I pee is when I feel it irritates it all over again... It has now been almost a week since exposure and  I am hoping this is just a terrible yeast infection...


it seems the clumpy discharge subsided a little but now it's just the burning and discomfort when sitting in class bothering me. Idk if it could be from the scrubs I have to wear and it causes me to swear down there which further irritates it but I am kinda freaking out now.


I read somewhere when a area burns blisters, lesions, or bumps should appear within two days and i still have nothing. If this is a bad yeast infection it is honestly terrible. I will get a slight itch inside the vagina but the swelling and burning is so much more uncomfortable .

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I am so sorry that you've had a rough day. Sitting in lectures while having any issues down there really is uncomfortable, especially in clothing that makes us sweat! 

If you are studying to be a nurse or another medical field job, that is SO cool! The world needs you ☺️!! 

In regards to your symptoms, it seems like it could be an irritated scratch from shaving, or even an ingrown hair. Or, it could be from the yeast infection.

It's great that the discharge has subsided. However, having the red irritation definitely can cause anxiety, so I am sorry that you are anxious. 

Has the red spot gotten better or worse since Friday? Has it changed at all, grown in size, severity, etc?

Are you able to see closely what the red irritation mark is? Try using a hand mirror to see if the irritation spot has any unique features, such as a dimple, a head, if it is raised or just colored red, etc.

Stay strong!! We are here for you ❤️

Sending blessings your way!! 🌄



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Yes I am in nursing school. I should know all of this but I am just going crazy lol. There is no cut, no ingrown, nothing... it is just that feeling you get from razor burn when it's super irritated. I just got home and it is no longer red either so I wonder if it was just irritated from sitting in those scrubs for so long and sweating. Or if that was all I was thinking about in class and I am literally making myself crazy! At this point idk if this is all in my head or not. This incubation period seems like it is going on forever and I am checkin constantly through out the day to see if something appears

how long are yeast infection symptoms supposed to last.. took the medication for it two days ago and although it has gotten better from that day it is still uncomfortable. 


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Oh my gosh that's amazing!! Good for you!! Nurses are so essential ❤️❤️.

Honestly, the mind-body connection is so strong. When we think a lot about a part of the body and hyperfocus on it, we can actually manifest symptoms!! It's like, then if we feel a slight itch that is normal, we start assuming it's herpes and freak out. It is exhausting and distracting. 

It seems that for right now you are okay. No symptoms or anything other than the irritation, but the fact that the redness and irritation went down since you came home is a good sign. 

Yeast infections with treatment can last for a few days or even over a week depending on the severity. How long is your course of antibiotics? 

Also, you can call your doctor and update your symptoms and ask if your skin issue and vaginal burning are expected while using the antibiotic, and what she thinks you should do. 

I hope this helps!! ☺️

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You are so amazing! I really appreciate how informative you are! My antibiotics were a one time dose but they were STRONG a shot for the Gonorrhea, and 2g of Azithromycin for the chlamydia and gonorrhea . 

I also think you are right. Was just on the phone for two hours with a friend and the irritation was barely noticable . I think I make it worse when I touch it and look around down there lol when I just leave it alone and don't think about it, It's not as bad. 

I do take medication for anxiety as well and had no idea that the mind could do that to the body. Scary lol I will call my doctor in the morning to double check the symptoms as well.

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Of course! Happy to help ☺️

Oh gosh that really seems like strong doses of antibiotics. Having such strong antibiotics at one time could definitely throw a monkey wrench into the normal functions of the body and maintaining our vaginal bacteria.

I totally understand the anxiety. I also take medication for anxiety and OCD (I take Zoloft and recently started birth control to help regulate my emotions linked to what I think is PMDD) and my OCD latched onto my herpes. It's like, extreme paranoia about having it, someone passing it on by just touching something, etc. Every little mosquito bite I get I sometimes think, "COULD IT BE A HERPES OUTBREAK" and I have to calm myself and be rational. 

Basically, the brain is so complex. I think of the analogy... Have you ever thought there was a bug crawling on you but there wasn't, but it "felt" like it? Sometimes we do the same with psychosomatic symptoms. Stress and fear of being sick can bring these psychosomatic symptoms on sometimes. Obviously, not all our symptoms are psychosomatic, and we should always be aware of if we aren't feeling well or notice changes in health. But, there are times when panic and anxiety triggers physicals responses that create cycles that play off each other (notices slight itch, gets anxiety about it, hyperfocus and touch area which increases irritation, get more anxious, panic attack causes more physical symptoms, etc).

It's great you are going to call the doctor in the morning. It will be okay. Hang in there!! 

Sending blessings your way! 🌄

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Hey so it's been about 13 days since my possible exposure. My vaginal yeast infection is completely gone. No more burning, itching , or irritation down there yay. 

today I woke up with slight chills and a sore throat. Hurts when I swallow on one side.. now I know it could possible just be me getting sick. But I can't help but remember that "flu like symptoms" are associated with herpes. Is it possible to have these flu like symptoms with no outbreak?

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It's great that the yeast infection symptoms have disappeared! ☺️

In regards to your new flu-like symptoms, that could be due to a number of things, even a cold or a flue virus (especially as the seasons are starting to change). However, yes, you are correct in that some people experience similar symptoms when they have their first and/or future outbreaks.

If these symptoms are associated with herpes, it is possible to have symptoms without seeing visible sores. These symptoms could be prodrome symptoms, the body's warning that an outbreak is going to occur soon, and it can indicate that your body is virally shedding (the virus is active and multiplying, but there are no sores). Also, sometimes the body has sores we cannot see (internal), or they are in odd spots we don't notice. Sometimes we DO have a sore, but it's unnoticeable! 

In the meantime, monitor your symptoms and see if the symptoms worsen or get better, and see if any changes occur in terms of skin irritation or tingling or redness, etc. 

Getting tested for COVID-19 would be a great idea. I am not a medical professional, but the swollen lymph nodes and swallowing pain could indicate another type of infection, and it would be a good idea to get this checked out (especially for COVID-19). Your body has been under so much stress lately, so if you are sick with something, you deserve to be treated ASAP! ☺️

Stay well!! Sending blessings your way!! 🌄

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Hello, sorry for a late response. The sore throat has now subsided. I am going for a covid test because a student in my cohort just tested positive. I also noticed that my roommate has been having the sniffles lately. 

It could very well be stress but I will continue to monitor symptoms. I had a pap smear yesterday and the doctor said everything seemed normal.  Hopefully it is just the change of seasons and/or me being back on campus exposed to more people on a regular basis. 

no skin redness, tingling, or irritation as of now. 

how long after prodrome symptoms should I expect an outbreak?

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No need to apologize! 🙂 

I am happy the sore throat went away. It is always a good idea to get a COVID test just to be sure, especially if someone you've had contact with someone who tested positive or hang out with people who have contact with that person. 

It's great that the pap smear came back normal. Yes, going back to campus is honestly such a change! I've noticed my anxiety being a little better but also it's been weird because I feel so anxious around so many people and having so many things to do is overwhemling. 

Typically, prodrome symptoms occur anywhere between, "30 minutes to two days," before an outbreak shows up, according to University of Pennsylvania, however I am sure that some people have symptoms that last longer before their sores show. Here is the source for that data piece: https://shs.wellness.upenn.edu/hsv/

If anyone else can offer any advice or answer the question, please do! 🙂 

I'm so sorry I am not of more help. 

Sending health and happiness your way!



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