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Horrible itching!

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I am so sorry that the itch has persisted despite the antivirals. Usually, the itch is due to skin irritation or viral shedding, however you've been on the medicine for a month, so it seems that the virus had some lasting effects from the outbreak. 

Have the sores fully healed? Is there any new sensitive skin? Also, is the itching centralized in the region where the outbreak occurred, or has it/is it spreading? Also, do you see any rash or scabbing, redness, scaly skin, etc? 

There are topical solutions that can help with skin itching. Lysine cream works wonderfully. It is an oily ointment that soothes skin. I wouldn't reccomend putting cortisone cream on your genital region, as I am unsure if it is safe to put there. You can also try misting the area with ice water (put the ice water in a spray bottle). A cold compress also helps. You can just rest an ice pack on the area atop of your clothes while you watch tv, read, etc  Avoid non-breathable clothes and any very fragranced soaps that may cause skin irritation. 

Also, don't shave down there, as it may increase the itchiness!! 

I hope this helps!! ☺️ Feel better!! ❤️

🌻 Blessings and Happiness 🌄,


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@Misunderstoodlady I'm having the same issue - I feel your pain! It's been about a month for me as well, I have no other symptoms at all, and no sores. But I have terrible itching/sensitivity, mainly at night. It doesn't seem to be spreading from the outbreak area and there's no visible rash, redness or scabbing. I do find a cold compress helps ease the intensity.

@Flowerteacher55 Can I ask where you get the Lysine cream from? I've been unable to find any, aside from lip balms for cold sores.

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Hello!! @Aria_

I am so sorry you are still struggling with the itchiness 😢! That's terrible.  I'll pray it clears up! ❤️

I bought lysine cream at a holistic wellness store near me. It was a very tiny little tube but it worked wonderfully. The cream was chartreuse and smelled like lemons 😂 I think because it was a natural cream!! It was a little pricey but it is amazing. 

Feel better!! ❤️🌻



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On 9/7/2021 at 4:38 AM, Misunderstoodlady said:

What helps with the itch besides being on medicine like valtrex/valcyclovir? I’ve been on it for a good month or so and the horrible itch has not gone away! Any help with this would be appreciated! Thankyou!

Hello, can you give me any advice on the itching? Has yours stopped now? Mine is ongoing and just don’t know what To do? Hope you are ok.

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