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Accessing Western blot from UK

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im struggling massively. I can’t cope anymore. After an unpleasant sexual encounter in 2017 (it felt more like a sexual assualt on reflection) I have remained celibate and have had a myriad of symptoms that seem to indicate I have genital and oral hsv. 
ive had a couple of negative swabs on small hard lump that appeared twice and then resolved on my inner labia.

ive had three sets of blood tests 

hsv1 and 2 LG both negative, hsv1 equivocal and hsv 2 negative and most recently hsv2 positive and hsv1 equivocal. 
First test well after incubation period. 
mom now seeking western blot although this is costly from uk. 
The idea of spending my life alone (I already have mostly up to now due to intimacy issues ) seems cruel and unfair. 
I personally could never risk putting someone through this hell. I just want to hug my friends and play with my nieces without constant panic I will hurt them and bring more shame on myself.

i have experienced a myriad of symptoms 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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Hello ☺️,

I am so sorry for the emotional and physical pain and stress you have experienced. You do not deserve that at all. We are here to help and support you. You are not alone. 

First, you are not a danger. You are not bad. You are not dirty. You are not a hazard to those you love. You are safe. You are clean. You are good. You are a blessing. Nothing could ever change those unconditional truths. 

Second, obtaining herpes from an experience that was inappropriate and assaulting causes such trauma. I have my herpes from someone who was abusive, and it definitely makes me feel frustrated and sad. I have healed a lot, though, and the same is possible for you! Just remember it isn't your fault. At all. 

I am in the US, however it may be possible for you to contact the University of Washington Virology Division and ask them how to ship a blood sample through the mail to their lab, or how you can get a Western Blot test another way. I can look into that for you! ☺️

I am so sorry I am not of more help.

Please reach out with more questions, or if you need support. 

You are never alone.  We are all there for you. 

Sending prayers of healing and blessings your way!!! ☺️

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Hello, @Lisa2021!

That is a great question. 

The Western Blot Test is used as a way to super super accurately test for HSV antibodies. Those who use this test are people who either truly believe they have HSV but have had all negatives tests, or those who believe they have false positive results. It is preformed by the University of Washington Virology Division Clinic. Check it out here: http://depts.washington.edu/herpes/pages/frequently_asked_questions

I hope this helps! 



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