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could these symptoms be related to herpes or something else?


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For the past few weeks I have been experiencing cloudy and smelly urine. I figured it was a UTI and would go away on its own, but it still hasn't. Also last night, I began bleeding vaginally during sex and have been spotting since then. I'm certain it's not just my period because I'm on the pill and shouldn't be getting my period for 2 more weeks. I have no idea if maybe these symptoms could somehow be related to the fact that I have herpes? I don't think they are but I'm worried and searching for answers. 

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I am so sorry that you have been experiencing these symptoms. 

Besides the cloudy and smelly urine, have you had any other symptoms, such as unusual discharge, pain in the back or groin or ovary area, or fever, aches, or other symptoms? 

Cloudy and smelly urine without other symptoms. Would indicate many things, including dehydration and a start of a new medication. However, it is great that you took notice.of these changes in your body. Being aware of your body is important! 

Did you get tested for a UTI or bladder Infection? 

In regards to the bleeding during sex, that is a sign to stop having intercourse for right now. Also, it is best to not have sex if you do in fact have a UTI.  

It is awesome that you are aware of your period cycle and know it isn't for two weeks. Was the bleeding heavy, and did you happen to notice if you had any pain with the bleeding, or after sex?

From what you are describing, it doesn't sound like herpes. It sounds more like a potential bacterial infection (such as a UTI or bladder infection). Since it's been two weeks of the cloudy and smelly urine, it would be a good idea to reach out to a doctor or get a urine test at a clinic or your doctors office. The bleeding from intercourse also is a sign something else may be going on, so it would be best to explain the combo of two weeks of urine cloudiness + odor + bleeding during sex. 

I'm sending you prayers and happy blessings of health. It will be okay! Head on over to a doctor or even call and ask a nurse on call about everything, and get a urine test, and even a physical exam if you think that would help you clear your mind and rest assured. 

Let us know what happens! 🌄



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