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Female condoms?

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Another question I have is would female condoms offer better protection to men than male condoms? They cover more of the female anatomy and therefore should offer more protection against the transmission from female to male right? 
Has anyone and information or experience with using female condoms to prevent transmission to men?
thank you 

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Hello! 🙂 

Another wonderful question!

Internal condoms (female condoms) offer external protection in addition to internal protection, as they have an external ring that covers a little bit of the outer labia and the inner labia. Depending on the size of the condom, it may cover more or less skin. This protects both parties, but of course it doesn't work (nothing works) 100%.

It may also provide protection because they don't break as easily as condoms. They are pretty hardy. I don't know if that is 100% true that they break less than penile condoms, but I will check into it. 

Also, the internal condom is also a great way to protect during anal sex as well. 

Here is an article from the US Library of Medicine Database about female condoms: https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/004002.htm

The internal condom is NOT as effective as the external condom (male condom) at preventing pregnancy. The effectiveness rate of the external condom is 98% while the internal condom is 95%. 

Here is an article from Planned Parenthood talking about the pregnancy prevention and female condoms: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/birth-control/internal-condom/how-effective-are-internal-condoms

I hope this helps! Also, please remember to never ever use a and internal and external condom together! The friction will cause ripping/broken condoms. 




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Hi!! 🙂 

Since the internal condom provides additional surface area than the external condom, it would offer more protection against skin-to-skin contact than the external condom. 

According to Family Planning Services/BodyTalk of Austrailia, "The female (internal) condom can provide more protection from skin-to-skin transmitted STIs [genital warts (HPV) and genital herpes] than the male condom, as it covers a larger area of the female external genitals and the base of the penis during vaginal sex."

Source: https://bodytalk.org.au/keeping-an-eye-on-stis/your-best-defence/female-condom/

Remember, they mean it is effective when used correctly, so make sure that the condom is secure and being used properly! 🙂 

In regards to American research, University of Michigan (https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/sig51936) cites two studies that explain the effectiveness of internal/female condoms at helping reduce the spread of genital herpes or genital warts. The two articles can be found by clicking the little "2" citation after reading the segment "How well do they work to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?"

Honestly, SO much more research needs to be done on female/internal condoms. A lot fo the research out there is from the early 2000 to 2010s. Let's all hope that more research is done! 🙂 

I hope this all helps! 🙂 



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