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When do you know you are healed?

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It has been 3 weeks today since I got a blister, and I can still see a dark mark where it was. I can't feel anything there, it's just dark, almost like a scar maybe? I don't want to put my partner at risk, but am also getting quite impatient. Does anybody have experience with this? When do you know you have fully healed and are back at the general risk level for intercourse? Also, do any of you have suggestions about how to enhance the healing process? I don't know why it seems to take so long for me. I had 10 years of no symptoms and now they seem to pop up every few months and take forever to go away. Always one, always in the same spot on my poor little butt crack. I take lysine, garlic sometimes, I bought this rub with lemon balm and other ingredients... I'm at my wits end with this right now.  Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

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Hello! 🙂 

You have asked such a great question, thank you for bringing this up! 🙂 

I am so sorry for your poor lil' butt crack (I love how you worded that) 😞🥺 that is so not comfortable! What an annoying spot to get a sore! 

In regards to the healing process, it depends on so many factors, and everyone heals differently in general, which is why some people have scabs fall off right away while others may have a lingering scab that then falls off, leaving different-colored skin (for me, it is much lighter than my normal skin color).

Since it has been three weeks since the original blister, it sounds like it should be fully healed by now. How long it been since the sore scabbed over? Also, when did the symptoms of pain and burning stop? Usually those are indications that the virus is still active and shedding. So, even if a sore has cleared but you still feel tingling, itching, or pain at the site where the sore was, it's a good idea to abstain from intimacy/contact with that area. 

Another thing that can happen is scarring from herpes sores, although it isn't too common. This can happen especially if a sore was picked at, if you have sensitive skin that is prone to scarring, if a sore keeps coming back in the same spot, or if an outbreak is just really intense. 

To help the skin heal, you can use lysine cream, as you mentioned, or vitamin E, which you can either apply to area or take orally. Try not to use any soaps with scrubs/scrubbing beads, or scrub the new skin directly with a loofa. Avoid clothing that might be abrasive to the area, too. 

If you are concerned, it's never a bad idea to get a referral to speak to a dermatologist. Especially since you just recently started getting outbreaks after years of getting them, perhaps this is your body's new way of healing sores. 

I hope this helps! ❤️ 




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Thank you so much for your reply.

I always get one single sore, always in the same exact spot. The discomfort was gone after a couple days, as I took a cycle of valycyclovir. And if it did scab it was very mild, I barely noticed, which is normal for me. Then it was just smooth skin with a mark where the blister was. It's been this way for maybe a week now. The mark has gotten lighter over the past few days. There is sight redness in the line of my bum (sorry but we're all dealing with the same thing here so I hope that isn't too graphic.) But it doesn't bother me at all. I think I have random psychosomatic itching because I am so paranoid about it coming back again. It's like mental terrorism. It's so frustrating. I've also been taking spurts of acyclovir out of fear that it will return. (400 mg twice a day). 

I will try the vitamin e and lysine cream. Can this be used preventatively? I'm thinking yes...

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Hi! 🙂 

Nothing you say is graphic! Feel free to explain your symptoms however you need to! 🙂 

Since the color is turning lighter, it sounds like the skin is continuing to heal, which is a good thing. 

The redness could be from friction in general (especially if you wear thongs or clothing that would cause that) or from having had a sore there. 

In terms of preventative care, having a diet rich in lysine can be a preventative measure, however I am unsure if topical application of lysine to areas that get affected would prevent sores. It usually is a reactive way to handle the sores (versus preventative). However, that is definitely a good question and you could ask a doctor or dermatologist! 🙂 Also, for the vitamin E, make sure what you buy is skin-applicable and good for sensitive skin, especially if the area you might apply it is red or sensitive.

Honestly, anxiety about herpes can cause psychosomatic symptoms! We often times are so paranoid and scared about it, that we manifest physical symptoms, and this can lead to super stressful cycles of distress. 

Often times we itch because we have anxiety, or anxiety can cause our skin to feel hot and itchy, so we itch it. If you can, try and use another outlet to channel your worry about your HSV. You could try a stress ball, talking to yourself about your HSV (positive self-talk and reminding yourself that you are safe and okay), or tapping (an emotional freedom technique that I totally recommend!). Check out tapping with Brad Yates on youtube. Amazing stuff 🙂 

In your little description, you mention that HSV impacts your relationship, which is so difficult. I am so sorry about that. Remember that you are beautiful, worthy of love, and you are not a danger. You are safe ❤️ 

Sending blessings and prayers your way! ❤️ 

-- Grace


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Thank you! You are so sweet. 

I actually just thought about tapping today as a solution. I've done a lot of energetic work around it, but the emotional charge seems to be the thing keeping me stuck. Tapping is a great way to work on alleviating that. Great reminder! 


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