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Oral Herpes (HSV-2) Disclosure

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For people who have oral HSV-2, what has been your experience/opinion of disclosing? Do you tell someone before you kiss them? It seems daunting to have to tell everyone I kiss that I have herpes, but I also don’t want to risk spreading it to them without them knowing. I know you can still technically spread it when there aren’t any symptoms, but how easily does it spread through kissing if you are not having any symptoms? 

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This is such a great question. Thank you for asking this and opening up a discussion! I'm sure so many others have had this question. 

I do not have oral HSV-2, so I cannot relate specifically to you in that sense, but I can relate as a fellow human being! 

While thinking about this, I thought about a few things. I think that honesty with this would be good, since it's HSV-2, and HSV-2 is typically known to be the more aggressive of strains. But then, I thought, "do people with oral HSV-1 share their status before kissing someone?" Well, usually not, since most the time someone might not know they have it, or if they do know they have cold sores, they don't realize that's actually herpes! 

So, after those thoughts and pondering, I boiled it down to this... being honest before kissing is kind, not just for the other person, but for yourself. Ethically speaking, it may make you feel good and have a happier conscious if you let them know you have it. You obviously seem like someone who is caring and respectful, so this may help you stay happy and not guilt-ridden. From another ethical point, you never know if someone has a neurological condition or another health illness that would be exacerbated by constructing oral HSV-2, especially since this would be contracting it in the nerve bundle at the top of the spine near the neck and brain. 

So, I think being honest and upfront about it prior to kissing would be good ☺️. Plus, you know you have it, so not sharing the facts would technically be omission, which doesn't make either party feel good.

Also, this really could help start a new trend: being honest about oral herpes of both types. Perhaps if people were more aware that herpes spreads more than just genital to genital, then people could be more aware of other transmission types. Think about it... there are increased rates of Genital HSV-1 because the rates of oral sex have increased throughout the ages. Maybe if people talked about it and realized they get cold sores which are herpes, people could be more aware and potentially decrease transmission rates!

Similarly, by being honest, you could be part of a change for the greater good ☺️❤️!

I hope I didn't cause any confusion or  and I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! 

Sending blessings your way! 🌄

-- Grace 

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You should always be cautious if you doubt that you have HSV 2. This is more frequent kind and can spread pretty fast. I had HSV 1 few years back but I controlled the outbreaks successfully with natural remedies I found on iahas.com and that has helped me to deal with this condition from the root. I used some some therapeutically herbs and spices and it helped me a lot. You can also try in case you are willing to opt for a natural way of treating your condition. 

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