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Seeking Support for PMDD

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Hi Friends! 

I know this isn't herpes related, but it's reproductive health related, and I thought I'd bring it up here to see if anyone could offer support. 

I think I have PMDD, Premenstrual Dysphoria Disorder, which is basically really really extreme PMS, extreme enough to cause really debilitating emotional and physical stress. For me, the week before my period, I become anxious, sensitive, and my OCD becomes much much worse. I experience feeling out of my body, almost like I am out of control and am watching myself instead of really being there present (it's usually called depersonalization) and I have panic attacks. I feel hopeless and like I'm loosing my mind, and after a panic attack I feel exhausted. I get intrusive thoughts, too, and just everything is not good the week before my period. Last month I didn't even get my period, probably because of the birth control pill. 

I've been to doctors and an OBGYN and they just say it might be hormonal and gave me birth control to try. It has helped somewhat, but I am still struggling. It gets in the way of school and work and daily activities, and it's just scary. 

Today, I started having a panic attack while with coworkers, and I felt myself get a heat flash, I got dizzy, and I got spaced out. I started sharing that I had herpes, I'm open about it anyways, but like, while I was talking about it I felt like I wasn't in my body, like I was talking and interacting but I wasn't there. After I shared everything with them, I had another panic attack, and started worrying about everything. I was worried because of the depersonalization. It's happened before but never while I was talking to someone and sharing something that personal. And, since I'm an anxious mess with my period, I started freaking out because I told them I had herpes. 

I just wanted to ask if anyone has PMDD, and if so, if they ever experience depersonalization with it. I am just scared and I feel really alone. 

I have asked doctors to do hormone tests but they refuse because they said it won't matter, since hormone levels have a really wide range of what's considered 'normal'. Does anyone have any advice or can say they're experienced similar things with their PMDD? 

Thank you all so much!! I appreciate you! 

Stay well and be kinder to yourselves 🌄



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