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Herpes in urethra?

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I am positive for HSV2 and have only had one outbreak or at least one confirmed.  However I have burning in my urethra from time to time. But I don’t have other “typical” symptoms associated with the burning. Like no blisters on the shaft, no tingling, no itching, no tightness in legs. But when I urinate it almost makes me cry. I’m going to GP tomorrow. This seems more likely to be UTI. But. Has anyone had ulcers in urethra and if so could you see them from opening the tip?  Any advice would be appreciated. 

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I am so sorry that you are experiencing such pain. It's great that you are seeing the doctor. You can ask them to take a sample to test for a UTI or other bacterial infection.

In terms of sores inside the urethral, it is possible, and often very painful. Since the urethra of the penis is so much longer than that of a vagina, urethral pain is often very very painful. 

Did you notice any urethral pain during your first outbreak? Or, was your first outbreak very severe? Sometimes what can happen is if there were sores in the urethral cavity at one point, they can leave scar tissue and/or new, sensitive skin in the urethral cavity. This can cause a lingering discomfort when going to the bathroom. For me personally, ever since I had my first outbreak, it is really painful for me to hold in urine. Like, almost like a cramp. I don't know if I had sores inside my urethra but I had them inside my vaginal cavity, so that may be why. 

I hope your doctor's appointment goes well today. Feel better! 

Sending happy healthy thoughts your way 🌄!



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@kdogstew I'm experiencing this as well. It is absolute hell. The burning sensation in my urethra is constant and has been on going for the past 2 and 1/2 months since I contracted this infection.

I don't have a diagnosis yet, but I'm pretty sure I've contracted HSV2 both orally and genitally. It's absolutely devastating. 😞

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Hello @Toled,

I am so sorry that you are experiencing those painful symptoms. That sounds truly terrible. 

Does it burn to hold it I'm/have a full bladder or does it hurt to pee, or does it hurt after peeing? 

Sores can occur inside the urethral, which can be very painful. After the sores heal, the skin is sensitive and they usually scab, and the acidity of urine causes such pain in the urethral cavity. 

Ever since I contacted HSV I have pain when I have a full bladder and a pinching feeling and deflated feeling when I empty my bladder. I don't know why or if this is directly related to my first outbreak, but the timing lines up. 

I hope you get a diagnosis soon!! 

Stay well and be kind to yourself 🌄.

-- Grace

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