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HSV 1 Diagnosis Devastation

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I just cant seem to fathom my herpes diagnosis and am in such utter regret as I told my ex-partner multiple times this year that i dont want to ever be with him again but I was manipulated. I was told I was gonna be taken out to dinner yada yada yada. I got bored since we were just coming out of a pandemic so I caved into seeing him this August, which is not like me at all. I usually am a grudge holder and stand my ground! Now im stuck with this life long virus and never even got a dinner but ANYWAYS. Herpes was my biggest fear in college. Anyone who knew me, knew that contracting herpes was my biggest fear, but here I am, 2 years post college and attracted what I feared, I was diagnosed with Type 1 in August. Fortunately, I didnt get flu symptoms, no pain, no burning. My second outbreak was 2 months after my first outbreak and it was just one little blister. One question, if he had the herpes blisters/sores hidden in his pubic hairs, and his pubes rubbed up against my pubic area during sex, could that be a possible way of transmission since my sores are in my pubic area? Stupid question as it is a skin to skin contact virus. Also, anyone know the latest update on a possible herpes vaccine in the forseeable future ?? They have shingles, chickenpox vaccines, even a covid vaccine which is obviously a newfound virus but no herpes vaccine!? cmon now!! Another question, I can BARELY see my herpe outbreak on my pubic area. If I unknowingly have an outbreak & shave one day, I could spread it right? Thanks for all your listening & support.

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I hope you are well. Great questions!

First,  am so sorry about everything with your ex. Please know that things happen; herpes doesn't change who you are. You are still worthy of love and kindness. As someone who has had herpes since 19 and has dated throughout college, ugh... we tend to date such chumps in our 20s 😂... looking back I'm like, "what the hell did I ever see in that person??" But, what we've been through gives us knowledge that we can pass on and use to grow, and that is a really great thing about going through struggles... they help us help ourselves and others! 🙂❤️ 

To answer your questions, Herpes doesn't live and reproduce in hair, just on skin. You mentioned that you have HSV-1 (so do I). I believe I got mine from recieving oral sex, as this is a common mode of transmission for HSV-1 to be on the genital area. If your partner preformed oral sex on you, then you could have gotten it that way. Or, if he has HSV-1 on his genitals, you could have gotten it that way as well, from contact with the area. Pubic hair doesn't 'hold' HSV, but instead could act as more of a transmission bridge; skin + public hair + another person's skin = possible transmission. The pubic hair isn't a automatic protective buffer or an automatic transmission means in and of itself! 

To answer your second question, a herpes vaccine is definitely in the works! I think there will be one eventually ❤️ let's all pray and hope for it! 🙂 😄 

Stay well and stay hopeful. Life is a tough but we are tougher! Stay strong! We are all here for you ❤️ 

Sending blessings your way!! 🙂❤️ 

-- Grace


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Thanks so much for the support! Yes total jabronis we have embarked on! I honestly never thought you could contract herpes WITHOUT a sore being present. In college I was so proactive I would check someones lips and penis for any weird sores so I would be safe from herpes. I have to keep reassuring myself that its just a "skin rash" to make myself feel better at this point. I just don't want this to hold me back from ever having sex again.

Mine are in my pubic region so if my sores rubbed up against my future partners pubic region, could they contract herpes? Everything is so mind boggling! I don't get any prodrome symptoms and I barely even noticed my second outbreak so im scared one day i'll not notice an outbreak and then have sex. 

And if I shave over an outbreak, could i spread it? Fortunately I did shave over my first outbreak cuz i didnt know at the time it was herpes and THANKFULLY they didnt spread anywhere else in my vaginal region.


Thanks for all your support on this thread!!♥️

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So, it seems your herpes outbreaks are symptomatic (although the symptoms are very minor). So, this means that you would likely notice if you were having an outbreak. Hypothetically, yes, you can always pass HSV to a partner since shedding can occur without symptoms, however please know that GHSV-1 has much lower chances of passing to another. And, HSV in general has lower risks of passing from female to male, too. There are still risks, of course, but GHSV-1 is not as likely to cause recurrent outbreaks and/or spread to another. 

When disclosing to someone, you can mention that hypothetical risk. Yes, it is scary to think about, but honesty is the best policy ❤️. And, you can even talk about HSV-1 and the difference in spreading likelihoods. If you would like resources about that, let me know!! 

Also, I am so sorry I forgot to answer the shaving question!! So, shaving over an active sore can cause, of course, pain ☹️🥺😢!!, And opening a sore up can cause it to spread the virus. But, the cool thing is... You have immunity to spreading it to yourself!! ☺️ So, your body has the antibodies, since you have had the virus since August. So, by now, your body should have the amount of antibodies needed to protect yourself from contracting the virus on another part of your body. 🥰 I mean could you spread it, sure. But it would take, like, intentionally trying to do it (which no one would do any ways). 

I hope this helps!! ☺️




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Yeah i'll let anyone I sleep with in the future know about this since I wouldnt wish how I feel right now about myself on my own worst enemy. Thanks for all your informative answers!! I'm truly grateful for you and your knowledge!♥️♥️

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