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Distinct difference between a herpe and skin irritation?

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On my fordyce area, there's redness and a little irritation almost as if it's a cut on a couple of them (fordyce are the harmless white specs around the vagina or penis that most people have for those who didn't know the term) and im not sure how to distinguish whether or not its herpes, or just a skin irritation? I've only had one initial out break over 2 years ago, its so easy to confuse skin anything for herpes. 

I've been taking an antiviral, and it's not really making much of a difference. It seems like it's just healing naturally because when I had my first outbreak my body responded well to the medication and the sore went away quick 

I don't feel under the weather 

There's no puss coming out 

Bc its redness on the fordyce, its white in the middle with red around but like I said no puss

Its a tiny bit uncomfortable but not too bad, and no other symptoms like tender thighs or itchy anus. But the area is red and a tad tender

Does anyone deal with an issue like this? Weird skin things that sorta look like herpes and your not sure? Any info will help thanks! 

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Great question! I'm sure many others have had worries or questions regarding Fordyce spots versus herpes sores. 

Fordyce spots are caused by our skin's sebaceous glands which secrete oils for our skin. They can be accompanied by itching, as well. which is what mimics herpes. Did you notice any itching or burning when the redness appeared? Also, have you noticed raised herpes sores (clustered or single sores with a dimples center?)

Have you experienced any friction or irritations to the area exhibiting the redness, such as shaving, physical intimacy, biking or exercise, or uncomfortable or restrictive clothing? This could be causing irritation of the skin and sebaceous glands. 

The fact that the antivirals don't seem to be doing anything makes me think it's the Fordyce spots and/or another skin irritation and not an outbreak. Monitor symptoms and see if the irritation improves. If you not it getting worse.or persisting, see a doctor. It's always better to be on the safe side! Your health matters ☺️.

I hope this helps! 



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@Flowerteacher55 thanks for replying! Not so much a burning but like, stingy like a cut, and not like a cluster of raised sores but a couple of really tiny ulcerations if that makes sense. No itching. Since it's on a couple of fordyce it's white in the center but not raised, kind of flat so it's confusing. And nothing that I know as far as I can tell because I didn't shave. I'm trying to think back but I don't think I've done anything abnormal. 

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