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Herpes Outbreak Frequency Question

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Great questions!! 

So, outbreak trigger vary for everyone. However, generally speaking, GHSV-1 has less outbreaks, and less severe outbreaks, then GHSV-2. Being sick could place stress on the body which hypothetically could trigger an outbreak, but it also may do nothing. Since getting diagnosed with my HSV, I have had mono and appendicitis (actually had this last week 😂 just had surgery!) and neither of these triggered any outbreak. Every body is different, but typically cold and flu illnesses shouldn't cause you to have an outbreak every single time, or possible even at all. 

Similarly, stress is not a trigger for everyone. Some people have stress as a trigger, and others don't, and those who do have it as a trigger may not always get an outbreak every time they are stressed. 

I hope this helps!



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Okay thanks so much! The trigger for my first outbreak had to have been either being stressed after my stats exam OR tweaking about almost losing my job. and I was worried if EVERYTIME i tweak or worry about something that i'm going to have an outbreak! Oh no I hope youre feeling better, godspeed on your recovery!♥️ Thanks so much for the insight!

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Of course!!! If high stress is a trigger for you, totally try to put some tools in your stress management toolbox. When we feel stress, we can either hold it and manifest it in the body or brain (or both) or expel it in a healthy way! Art, meditation, prayer, reading, or taking a walk are great tools for the tool box! Stay well and let go of your worries! ☺️

Thank you for your kindness towards my recovery! 




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