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2nd Outbreak

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I have been diagnosed with genital hsv1 since April 2020. That was my first outbreak. Recently I got diagnosed with a uti which triggered my current outbreak. So it’s been about a year since I last had one. I’m taking my prescribed medication(aka valtrex) and pain medicine. But any tips or tricks that can help? Anything that can help with the itching and burning of the blisters down there would be nice. I’ve been putting apple cider vinegar diluted with water on my area to help. 

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I am so sorry you are experiencing a UTI. Sometimes stress or illegal the body experiences can trigger an outbreak, especially if that stress or illness is located in the region where you get outbreaks (such as having a UTI). 

I also have GHSV-1. I'm sure you know that it is typically less aggressive than GHSV-2, but of course secondary outbreaks can occur. 

It's hard to have both a UTI and an outbreak at the same time since it can feel so  uncomfortable. 

It's great you are taking the Valtrex, as that should help clear up the sores. The diluted apple cider vinegar is great, but if you notice the acidity is burning the sores, don't use it. Also, to avoid skin irritation or an misbalance of vaginal pH (the vagina has a naturally acidic pH but introducing apple cider vinegar topically could offset vaginal bacteria) you could try taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before bed so it clears out the urinary tract, where a UTI is centralized. As you sleep it works it's way through your kidneys and urethral tube and helps clear out the bacteria. 

Staying hydrated, avoiding excessive amounts of sugar, and being kind to yourself are all key ways to heal 🌄

Avoid tight or non-breathable clothing to prevent any irritation of the sores. If you have itching or burning, try filling a little plastic spray bottle (you can get them at the dollar store) with ice cubes and water and set the nozzle to the mist setting. You can spray it on the area/sores and it helps a lot. Also, if you have burning from sores when going to the bathroom the ice water must can help, too. 

Stay well and feel better!! Sending prayers of health and happiness your way 🌄🌻.

-- Grace

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